quality time

the weekend, as you saw was beyond crazy.  it was worth every minute, but i was completely done and so happy to have nothing planned for monday.  though i still had much to do, i did slow myself down.  the kids and i all slept in and had an extended cozy time in bed once we all woke up.  cereal for breakfast.  probably some fruit.  seriously, i have no recollection beyond the cereal mostly because moses made a stink about the new cereal we were trying out.  i took it easy, mostly trying to get the house back in order.  somehow it was just as bad as it had been at the start of the weekend.  sigh.

the kids were good.  they were good today too.  thank goodness.

as tired as i was from taking photos all weekend, i pulled out the camera to get some yummy ones of our little life.  the light was beautiful and i had to take advantage of it.

i didn't freak out over messes
 they were excited to have one of Akira's birthday cupcakes
that Miranda had packed for me in my mummy care package of food for the trip home
we headed over to the mini park in Century Village.  moses pulled chloe in the wagon all the way down the ramp and over all the speed bumps to the park.  chloe is rocking out while she steers the ship.
just hanging around
my little monkey
sigh.  who is this girl.  who is she going to be

the levitator
i pulled them home

i am so happy to be busy.  i have three more bookings for this month.  it has just been confirmed that i will be doing a teen slumber party this saturday.  i will be checking out their place tomorrow evening.  i will be doing a photobooth for a corporate event put on by Michelle's company on the 22nd.  and i also just booked another lady for some portraits for her website and blog.  

outside of the camera, i have just finished (i hope) my owl painting to be sent out for printing.  i have been commissioned to do one of my quilled valentine's day arrows and a quilled monogram for another couple!  

so much going on.  i love it, but i remember this time last year when i had more days like these where i could just take it easy with these little ones.  i enjoyed being able to focus on food.  it's becoming a lot more stressful these days and i thank kevin so much for happily taking over in the kitchen when dinner rolls around.  my brain no longer functions beyond breakfast lunch and snacks.  by the time kevin comes home, i start working.  

always so much to do.
need to learn how to balance.


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