rolling like a river


long weekend after a long week.  my body might be coming down with something, but i'm unsure.  didn't do any work last night after the day's session with Sondi.
this was the one edit i did of the batch.  i was excited about this photo.  
i pulled inspiration from this photo i came across on Pinterest of a girl reading the newspaper in her kitchen. 

sadly i didn't Pin it, i only dragged it to my inspiration board so the quality is butt.  i loved the quiet natural light and how the girl seemed so at home in her cozy little ktichenspace.  i had taken photos of Sondi's place the previous week and thought this would be a perfect image to recreate in a completely different setting with a completely different feel.  you may or may not recall that yesterday was another cloudy, windy and rainy day in vancouver.  it wasn't nearly as bad in Tsawwassen (as usual...) but as i drove further north it got worse and after crossing the Knight St bridge, i turned around to get my light.  thank god.  it looks like it was a lovely sunny day with light just pouring through the kitchen when really it was pissing and blowing and freezing outside!  i took a bunch of tests while repositioning the many bowls of produce, flowers and decanter.  i rented the wide angle lens again to make sure i would be able to get this entire view from the shallow space between her kitchen and the fridge behind my back.
one goodie from friday night's 80's photobooth at the Westin Bayshore 
the props were badass and everyone from the young to the wise got in on the action

i'm at a good place.  exhausted and on my 5th day of carpal tunnel in my hands and arms from editing all week long, but happy.  my friend, Vishal Marapon, who took our family photos back in 2011 posted a photo he had just taken in New York. 
 i haven't seen a lot of his feed on my facebook for quite some time, but clicking on this photo led me to his new site and tumblr.  i was blown away and had a huge surge of inspiration and excitement.  he's come a long way and seeing his growth was like watching the sky clear.  it reminded me of my own growth and got me excited for this next year.  i was actually just scrolling through my blog photos a few weeks ago and it was so cool to see my old photos with new eyes.  like listening to a song you haven't heard in two years...  i could see my eye back then with less bias.  i think this was the reason i decided to use my old lens the other day.  to see through the lens that started it all, to work together with it and remember the relationship.
natural light
i love his style, i love his eye, i love his light, i love his quality, i love the emotions
i can  tell he loves photography.  i can tell by the photos that he is passionate.
that kind of passion is contagious.

i always get so excited when i find work i love
i love feeling inspired and i love feeling the creative juices flowing

it kind of feels like when your milk comes in
except the tingling starts from the head and trickles all the way down to your toes

lindsay booked a bunch of us for a BC Hydro shoot.  moses and i are booked for the next two days which is going to bring in some extra cashola.  i'll be able to pay off the van and have some leftover to help make our annual big payments in february/march.  this will be exciting and interesting!  stay tuned!

looking forward to the next two weeks.  partaking in a few side projects with friends that require a whole different kind of creativity.  so excited but keeping it hush for now!  get to have a Communal Dinner and Records night with the Stones this Saturday.  also looking forward to focusing on finishing product for a few of the package sessions from last month!  

finally.  a little bit of rest for these bones.


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