the mess that never ends

this is the mess that never ends
yes it goes on and on my friends
some toddlers starting making it not knowing what it was
and they'll continuing making them forever just because
this is the mess that never ends...

quiet time.
the best time.
the worst time.

i drank the last 4 days.  all without planning.  which makes me feel a little better about it.  then again, it was my "weekend off"...

we had the sprakling wine from Valentine's day thursday.  friday after our Neverending Journey with the Wolzen-Hasties in Beach Grove, Michelle and Ethan descended upon us for a spontaneous pizza and wine dinner.  saturday i blazed and had one of the fancy plastic cups of champagne at the Corndog Party.  sunday my bro came over with a 6 pack and we had stir-fry and cheap beer before walking up to Timmy Ho Hos for doughnuts at 8:30pm (kids in the wagon).  and last night, i went to Browns for a wedding meeting with Em (Wolz-Hast) and her girlfriends and sisters.  ok so it's actually been 5 evenings.  

i got home last night just before 10pm with the false hope of getting my album done for last month's Family Session.  they had 20% off until midnight.  that did not happen.  however, as i was supposed to have started on it LAST sunday, i pushed on beyond midnight.  beyond 2am.  beyond 3am.  went to bed at 4am and was up at 8:30 this morning.  

i met saara and leila at white spot.  basically the greasy spoon of Tsawwassen.  after an hour of constant behaviour correcting, water spilling all over the floor, playing with knives and straws and whining over food, orange juice, and being a grumpy old bitch i paid our $30 for breakfast.  oh and that was just moses' list.  at least chloe was better well behaved.  you would not have even known leila was with us if saara had not started giving her huge bear hugs that made leila burst into fits of laughter.  pretty sure saara was doing it to piss off the well dressed and well rested couple that were seated directly behind us, hoping to enjoy each other's freedom of choice.  LOL.  or not.  

the sun was out, thank goodness.  it was only 10:30am and i had no plans of hiding in our house after staying up all night in this room.  we walked to Winskill for our first visit of the year.  it crippled my heart to realize how much chloe had grown since the last time we had come this way.  
 i know she isn't white blonde, but her hair just seems to get lighter and lighter.  i've started calling her Blondie.

she is finally into with wearing her leather jacket!  it's been 2 months of fighting and convincing her to wear it with NO luck.  now she's obsessed.  she's been wearing it for 4 days straight now after i told her that it was a "motorcycle jacket" hahahaha. 

they had a blast.  we had time.  i was in no rush.  i let them dawdle their way to the park.  
i pushed them on the swings, under ducking over and over and over as they squealed their faces off.  i hadn't heard those happy squeals in months.  their feet surfing the blue sky as they flew up and their giggles running out of breath on the way back, ready for more.  AGAIN!  AGAIN!!!!!  MY TURN!!! NO MY TURN!!!!...
eventually they agreed to running around while i sat in the sun and took a few selfies.
Rafael, from Franc Départ came with her maman and grandmère.  she is a month older than chloe.  another gentleman came through with the most adorable weenie puppy.  Jazzy the assistant doggie, almost certified.  

we walked back toward town to the bank, to Thrifty's (another $40 on food... sigh), and back to the car.  

put together an effortless and healthy lunch on the spot.  that doesn't happen often and i never would have expected it to happen on a day like today.  
inspired by the "avocado salsa" they gave us at White Spot, i threw a few handfuls of black beans into my guacamole.  two organic avos, one roma, half a med onion, half a lime, salt and pepper, and a pack of plain rice crackers.  meat free. gluten free.  dairy free.  nut free.  
and iced waters with orange slices
momo's ears are always aglow
...who is the clumsiest of them all
we each had a piece of 80% chocolate after they picked up all the orange peels, crackers, and wiped up the spilled water and guacamole splotches off the floor.

and now it's that time.  
it's quiet.  

i hate how they throw all their jackets on the floor when they are choosing one.  they have about 6-7 jackets each.  i hate how moses has begun to do the same thing when choosing a shirt.  

there are clothes everywhere.  toys everywhere.  surfaces, floors, corners, all needing to be swept and wiped.  the leftovers and dishes from lunch scattered and waiting.  laundry that needs to be put away.  papers to be sorted.  and there is work to be done.  i need to finish this book.  i'm pretty sure i'm still about 4-6 hours away.  i have 3 days to get all my props bought and made for friday's 80's Photobooth at the Westin Bayshore.  and Sunday I have a portrait session.  

it should be my resting time of the day.  but it never is.  and i am always having to decide what takes precedence: home or work.  oh yeah and spending QUALITY time with moses while chloe is napping.  i'm exhausted by this time.  i want to melt into the couch and become one with it.  i'm already covered in child residue, it would be easy.
 he came in to show me what he had made during his first 15 minutes of quiet.
i am going to do a silk screen copy of this and frame it HUGE
amazeballs.  inspired, i decided to take a break and play with him.  we made two puzzles.  we ate a feast in his makeshift tent.  we made gold coins and a purse to hold them.  we ate the last two dates with a slice of cheese.  before i knew it, my two hours were up and chloe was awake and i had only scraped the surface of a few projects and house tasks.

first world problems up in here.

also.  all of today's photos were taken with my old lens from my Rebel.  i was feeling nostalgic.


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