toddler yoga and vancity communal

shake it
shake it
shake it like a polaroid picture

it's probably saturday but i started writing this on thursday and i am not even going to try to rewrite it to be in current tense because i'm way past that... yup, now it's saturday.  so let's just do this as if it were still thursday.

last three days of sleep
4 hours
5.5 hours
5.5 hours

not good.  my eyes are bleeding.  i actually attempted to sort of cover some baggage under my eyes and one of the dads still called me out on looking "so refreshed and well rested"...

franc depart was insane busy today with 17 kids all in the one room.  moms with one, moms with two.  moms with newborns and 5 year olds and everything in between.  in between watching chloe to make sure she was beating the shit out of younger boys (her new favourite past time), i was nodding off on the couch.  oh god, even Mirka told me i looked bad today.  that's not good.  especially when i even put extra effort into myself this morning and kept giving myself pep talks to harness good positive energy.
the preschool has begun doing yoga classes thanks to Mirka.  they started last week and today i was able to take a few photos of moses' group.  i felt bad having been so tired that i missed the first group and arrived just as they were finishing up.  luckily for me, moses just happened to be in the second group... with ALL GIRLS!
he was awful.  i was so disappointed.  in my mind, i had imagined him to be very obedient and interested in the positions.  nope.  not at all.  totally fidgety and not watching the teacher, doing weird distracting wiggly movements and being generally naughty.
seriously these girls were amazing!
  ok this "pretending to be a lumberjack axing trees" was something he was into..
at least he managed to give me this perfect namaste pose at the end
i love how moses isn't the only kid that pulls their socks up super high over their pants

so many more photos!

we stopped in town briefly before going home to meet my cuz Nik who was visiting her family in Ladner from her apartment in downtown Van.  cait and ty just happened to beat her in and hung out with us for a little while.
cait made a batch of deliciously savoury breakfast scones of which i had two!
so perfectly flaky and full of flavour out of the toaster
it was great to catch up with Nik and see her spend quality time with momo and chloe.  she brought them stickers and colouring and pipecleaners for some creative projects. sigh.  oh to be free...
altaira, ayma, bronwen and klf were all coming over for dinner and i was out of dishwasher powder with a full load ready to go.  i ran out to grab some and by the time i got back, chloe was in her bed napping, moses was watching Busytown inside of his tent and Nik was in the process of washing a few dishes.  the house was quiet.  HOW WAS THIS POSSIBLE?

i sent her off with a ginger beer and seized the opportunity to get my cleaning on.  with probably 10 hours of cleaning to do, i did a full on 3 hours of cleaning, clearing and organizing to get it looking reasonable.  honestly, i couldn't do more than reasonable, but it was still a lot and as exhausted and panicked as i was throughout the afternoon, it was great to get so much done.  at least kevin was impressed.
the girls arrived at 6pm.  they arrived with dishes of homemade deliciousness (dessert included), two bottles of wine, and flowers.  tears welled up in my eyes when they arrived, finally able to just shut off my brain and allow the company of these lovely and generous ladies to detox my body.
the food was all veg and except for klf's 7 Layer Dip, everything was gluten free, dairy free, and nut free.  chloe went to town on the 7 layer.  it's seriously so good and she makes it perfect every single damn time.  wine glasses shuffled out of their shelves and helped to loosen us all up from a long day.  we scraped the 7 Layer clean.  altaira wiped up chloe and ayma wiped up the table for dinner.  fap fap fap...
ayma's shepherd's pie was unreal.  the vegan potatoes tasted like they were full of butter, but she had only used Earth Balance and soy milk.  I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER.  so rich and so creamy.

bronwen brought a swiss chard, fennel and white bean gratin that was warm, cozy and so filling (soy milk, rice flour replacement and left off the breadcrumbs topping).  altaira made a crunchy kale salad with -tahini-miso dressing, avocado and carrots.  everything was perfect.  
altaira fed chloe so i didn't have to say a single word!
also yes, pipecleaner wine glass markers!

ayma also brought a batch of gluten free cookie dough she had made and had the kids help her get them to the oven for baking!  the dessert didn't stop there.  they also brought Coconut Bliss (MY FAVOURITE!!!!!) ice cream and blueberries to go with the cookies.
super noms
then we set up to do some test shots for tomorrow
while i was setting up, klf was painting everyone's faces
you were either a cat or a dog... 
or whatever klf had in mind here super LOLZ
i seriously need to blow this up for my wall to make me laugh whenever i'm feeling down
everything in this photo makes absolutely no sense.  there is no explanation to be had.
good times
gotta love the irish
i love this one so much
  cait and ty dropped by again. 
god, i love it when they come by, KEEP COMING!!!!
got some sweet shots of Ty Gregs.  i love how he was so comfortable with me and so active and so into giving me poses.  pretty sure these bottom ones here are total KA-CHOW! moves by Lightning McQueen.
our energy levels started waning and the girls packed up to return to the city.

kevin and i put the kiddos to bed and finished up more props
another bloody long ass day

that was a lot of photos in a lot of different lighting situations for one day

you ladies are the effing bomb.  you have no idea how much i appreciate all the time and effort that went into this night.  thank you for the delicious homemade meals, for driving out to the boondocks, and for being such fantastic company.  so great to spend time with you guys as we turn into old ladies hahahha

thank you thank you thank you for everything!


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