Valentine's Day Frenzy

Valentine's Eve
had people pick up their valentine's day gifts throughout the day
 later added a heart.  nice touch.
 quilled arrows
we stayed up late pounding out buttons for Momo's classmates.  kev did the basics while i did the ribbon attachments.

up just before 8am.  kev gave the kids cereal and i got them dressed to avoid their whines and complaints about having to dress themselves.  they were ready and should have minded their own business playing with toys but they harassed me instead.  i got ready and in phanie pack fashion, made the last minute decision to bust out 3 more sets of the LOVE button magnets for momo's two teachers and Mirka at Franc Départ.  i gathered my things and we flew out the door - ON TIME!

we stayed at Franc Départ for about 20 minutes before i decided it would be more efficient to drive out to Richmond to deliver Soleil and Nova's Valentine prints earlier than later.  Soleil had preschool at 12:30pm and Momo's class ended at 11:30am.  too rushed.  luckily, with chloe in the backseat we were able to bypass the horrendous tunnel traffic, but it was at Steveston and 3Rd where i started dropping F-bombs, realizing i had brought the DVD of low res photos BUT I HAD FORGOT THE FUCKING PRINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!  i dropped off the DVD anyway and we agreed to meet at Noon halfway at Ironwood instead so that Soleil could still deliver her delicious Valentines!
back at school, Mirka brought a chocolate fountain and moms helped to cut up a huge platter of fruit for everyone to share.  since there were more people than usual for this special occasion, we moved the party to the kitchen so everyone could have space and any chocolate disasters could be easily wiped up!
toddlers were hung over the tall sink to have their hands washed.  mouths and cheeks were thoroughly wiped and we all headed back to the classroom.  11:30am came and we waited for the preschool kids to be released.  all the kids had a big white paper bag with paper hearts and there names written.  all the cards and treats from each family were put into each child's bag to take home.  we rushed out the doors to the car.  i almost forgot to stop at home for the photos and veered into our complex last second.  the clock said 11:46pm as we peeled back out and onto the highway once more.  i arrived at Ironwood at 11:59am and pulled up beside Jade at 12:00pm on the dot.  JESUS.  we laughed and hugged and Soleil exchanged blow kisses with me.  
lunch was cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, hummus and rice crackers

look how BOMB my blahblahblah shirt looks on this guy
more in stock: neon pink, grass green, heather grey, and sky blue in size 2, 4, 6
followed by moses' valentines swaaaaag
two little heart lollies for my two little buttholes
(neon on neon!)

chloe took her nap and as usual, i had the task of deciding what was more important: working or cleaning the house.  i wanted it to be clean for our little family dinner but of course i have a pile of work  tapping its foot and checking its watch for me to get on it already.  still working on the family album and need to get the teen gallery up by tomorrow.  have a consultation visit with another lovely client on sunday for personal portraits for her new blog relaunch and need to get things in order before friday's photobooth at the Westin Bayshore.  among other things.  i'm just thankful the valentine's day stuff is finally out of the way besides some extra print orders.  at least those deadlines are soft...

i wanted to make a few crafty things to make it look special for kev but that didn't happen.  i started prepping for dinner at 3:45pm.

while my little bird roasted and browned and the veg softened and carmelized, i tidied, made some confetti and ironed a tablecloth.  cait had made cupcakes with the same gluten-free quinoa cake that Nicole had used to make Molly's cake at the Beach Bonfire.  she had leftover batter and offered to make us a little cake for our dinner :)  she and her cute little belly brought it over to the wreckage home, hiding it on top of our fridge to save it from the local scavengers.
a Thank You bottle of some sparkle sparkle courtesy of Tracy, momma of the two cute little boys from the valentine's mini sessions
the kids were so sweet.  they spread huge smiles and shared laughs with their Lola and their Lola-Lola on speakerphone.  it's always so uplifting to hear the joy in their voices just from hearing these numbskulls.  they are loved.  it is good to have family.  i am turning into my mom.  i know i could have figured out some babysitting to enjoy some one on one time with kev, but no matter how nuts these little ones make me, it's so nice to share these special holidays with them.  i want them to remember these good times, how we tried to be inclusive and make things special for them.  maybe next year we'll try to plan a family and a one on one...


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