a day in the car

the morning
accident in the tunnel.  when the long way to richmond via tilbury and the alex fraser bridge.  nobody announced that the 10 minute drive had become a parking lot that took us 45 minutes to get through before arriving at the bridge.  dropped the kids off at my mom's, picked up equipment from Beau's at South Granville, drove to down Broadway to Knight to pick up KLF then back to Main St to grab tea and Lucky's Doughnuts at 49th Parallel Roasters
PBJ Doughnut.  raspberry jam.  smooth topped with crunchy.  
soft  sweet doughnut in place of bread.

through richmond again to pick up mussels and pick up the kids.  dropped KLF and the kids off at home (unloaded car).  drove to Point Roberts to pick up my packages.  got stuck coming back in with officers.  freaked out at them telling them they could keep my credit cards or whatever they wanted but that i HAD to leave to drive KLF in time for the 5pm ferry.  it was 4:30pm.    they let me off with a charge and i sped home, screeched into the parking lot and bolted down the hall.  my phone of course had died so i could not call or receive calls.  

she was fine.  said her friend would be making the 6pm ferry instead.
she made unicorn horns for the kids 
 jade, this haircut is SO BOMB
 kev made some delish soup for dinner.  spin on miso soup with celery, onions, tofu, mushrooms.
topped with roasty toasty salted kale 
bubblewrap: the other babysitter 

drove KLF for the 7pm ferry.  i wish i had camera eyes.  the sky was intense over the endless blue water surrounding the thin stretch of road to the terminal.  and the effing mountains between the two.  even chloe was staring out the window in awe.

we went to IKEA after dinner.  the kids had a ball in the childrens' section.  chloe took a dry dump in her underwear.  kevin dumped it out.  seriously, at a glance there was no indication of poo!  we shared two hotdogs and two cones at the end, completing the IKEA experience.  
testing testing 1, 2, 3...

another busy weekend ahead of us...


  1. Really love that black and white photo of you Stef. Way to emote!

  2. :) thanks Diza! props to the hub on that one!


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