i did good.  i did well.
i made it through today with more mindfulness and patience.


we made puppets.  it was really fun.  
i think it took about 20-30 minutes and they were both super stoked.  
moses requested i make a tall zig zag hat
i think a collection is in the making!
 i even lucked out on lunch with not much on hand.  i happened to have all the ingredients for the honey-ginger scallion sauce that i typically use for soba noodles, but decided to go with quinoa for more protein and to avoid the inevitable mess that comes with soba noodles.  any flakes that fall on the floor would dry up faster and be easier to sweep up than long sticky noodles!  blanched some carrots and mushrooms and threw it all in a bowl.  mixed.  served.  nommed.

1.5 cup scallions chopped       
2Tbsp minced ginger          
1/4 cup cilantro chopped          
2-3Tbsp sesame oil
1Tbsp soysauce       
 2Tbsp rice vinegar          
2Tbsp honey          

1 cup of quinoa (half water and half veggie stock)
3 carrots & 2 mushrooms

 moses had asked for popsicles this morning.  we blended some frozen blueberries and mangos with some almond milk.  they were ready by the time chloe woke from her nap.
 this makes me feel like this is how they will always be together.  
big brother moses:  sensitive, dramatic and methodical  
little sister chloe:  independent, wild and stubborn
and despite all the sibling rivalry, they somehow will always have fun together
did a few colour schemes for Bowen's magnet buttons.  Raegan chose WESTERN.
i'm really stoked on these.  i really enjoy coming up with colour schemes... almost as much as i enjoy naming them.  they are a great way to introduce the alphabet to younger toddlers because they may be more inclined to at least learn the letters of their own name (me me me!) followed by learning how to sound out each letter and learn the process of spelling out words.  the multi colour ones are best suited for this age to provide more contrast between letters and double as a way of learning their colours!  older kids may have a greater appreciation for the soft transitions of the gradient palettes. 
played with a few different ideas for packaging.
stacked them and went with a denim and gingham combo
nicole placed an order for some buttons, two birth announcement buttons and two black cats Axl and Duff.  i posted that i was doing up some kitty cats and received a few more requests for kitties as well as an inquiry for a lollipop design for an upcoming little girl's birthday.  EXCITED!  

on top of all the creative stuff we did today, i also managed to keep my cool in a few situations where i would have normally lost my shit.  i also managed to wash the kitchen and main floor areas, do a load of laundry and design a quick price list for Jade.

my last projects of the night are checking over Family Session pricing and sampling two batches of kevin's gluten free cookies.  he made an assload.  apparently there wasn't enough last time around...



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