Beach, Buds and Buttons

the day began late.  we had french toast at around 10am.  
cinnamon, bananas and syrup
another glorious Spring Day
our prior play dates fell through so we went to Centennial with Neighbour Cait and Ty
moses had been asking to go to the beach.  he got his wish today.
  it was really a perfect day, i was laying down watching the clouds breeze by overhead.  
 so mad we had to leave home for groceries and lunch

honey-ginger-sesame-scallion sauce with quinoa, carrots, mushrooms and edamame for lunch.  it was 2pm by the time we finished eating.  the kids did a great job helping me clean up.  for the first time in my life, i sat down with both of them AND watched a movie.  i made us hot chocolates and put on Fantasia.  they had never seen it.  it was very exciting.  they enjoyed everything except the last scene of satan and the ghosts and demons which i skipped.  
ainge paid us a visit.  the kids love her. 
 i better get used to this face.  it's going to happen more often i'm sure...
indian inspired by the hub
then i made a kitty button for ainge
and this little doggy and kitty for the kids!
chloe designed her kitty, the colours and fringe pattern.  i surprised her with the GOLD.  momo also designed his doggy.  momo's was supposed to be a long eared dog with yellow and orange ties but one ear got messed up.  we turned it upside down and now i guess the dog just has some celebratory hat?  i was very please with myself having come up with the round cheeks to cover and divide the tongue and nose!

taking orders for BUNNIES for the Easter Weekend!!!!

last year's design.  upgraded designs will be posted shortly!


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