behind this crazy woman

is a very kind, considerate, and caring husband.

after a week of "allergy" symptoms, sunday hit me.  a concoction of family drama mixed with the oncoming of a cold, sunday morning arrived and i was a lousy mess.   this tends to happen on days where i have "no plans" lined up.  the lack of structure and pressing errands leave me feeling empty and "bored".  it reminds me of being 11 and moping around the house complaining "there's NOTHING TO DO!!!!"  not that i didn't have things to do, but usually there is an entire day planned before i get around to doing the "smaller items" of the day.  i then begin having anxiety over "not wasting the day" and with every minute that i can not put a plan together, the anxiety rises.

the one good thing about having nothing planned was that we really slept in.  when i finally decided that i would get out of bed, it was 1030am!  kevin pushed me out of the kitchen.  he insisted that he only gets to make us breakfast 1-2 a week.  um.  ok.  i was outta there lickety split.  didn't realize he didn't hate cooking... to which he replied "i'm not YOU!"  lol.

cheese toast, scrambled eggs with kale and a side of cocktail tomatoes
and an earl grey for mama
moses seems to have a consistent look, but i find chloe's face shifts a lot
 a mystery til the end
Why are my hands so BIG!!!!
silly to moany in seconds

i didn't know what i wanted to do.  kevin brought us out to Grandview corners.  chloe had just destroyed my cell phone cord for the 3rd time.  my phone was dead.  the cord was dead.  i wasn't paying $80 for one through Telus and i wasn't waiting another 10 days for a $10 one through Amazon. we went to the Telus store and i now have my first iPhone! HOORAY!!!!  we hit up Chapters so the kids could play for a while.  

chloe took an enormous dump in her underwear.  i went to the bathroom and stood her up on the change table, removed her shoes and socks, pulled her pants/undies to her knees and began the process of scooping chunks of it out with wads of toilet paper.  throughout this process, i had to kick two other ladies out.  there were two stalls.  the first one was plugged to heaven with toilet paper and the second one was being plugged to heaven with toilet paper from chloe's enormous dump.  about 20 minutes later, the soiled clothes were bagged, chloe was wiped down, changed and free.  oh and i almost forgot to mention that while scooping chunks of shit, chloe knocked my sunglasses on the disgusting floor and one of my lenses popped out!  THRILLED.

we went next door to H&M for some retail therapy.  we had a couple of GC's from over Christmas and it was high time they got used.  as usual, i left empty-handed and the kids got lucky.  

back at home, kevin left to work on the Falcon.  my body was starting the slow deterioration period towards this cold.  the house was an atrocity, but after sitting with the kids for 10 minutes throughout Aladdin for the first time, the house remained untouched, and i enjoyed the helllllll out of Aladdin!!!!  plus chloe passed out and i got to smell her sweaty hair for the end half of the movie.
and once again.  the kind gentleman of the household arrived with two bags of groceries and whipped up a "fried rice" with quinoa, apple, spinach, and bacon.  savoury sweetness!
set out for an after dinner stroll to Beach Grove School
 the evening ended and we returned home


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