Bonne Vacances & Joyeuses Pâques!

we have Sprung forward.  our internal clocks have slowly shifted to adjust to longer evenings.  our spirits are well on their way towards sunnier days and less layers of clothing.  cherry blossom season will be here any time now!

yesterday was the last day of Franc Départ before two weeks of Spring Break.  i have to admit, as much as i love sitting on my butt drinking tea/coffee and chatting with all the other mom's for three hours, i am looking forward to two weeks of NOT having to wake up early to pep talk moses into going to school.  it's not even like he doesn't enjoy it.  on the contrary, he always has a gay old time, but it's just getting him there that is a challenge.  i shouldn't even complain.  he isn't that bad.  really it's a mix of being super tired and having to deal with an unnecessary nuisance.  looking forward to two weeks of flexibility and making playdates for crafts and baking and whatever anyone else is up for!

in celebration of the upcoming break, Mirka brought her creperie to the school to host a Crêpes Breakfast!  initially, the entire school was supposed to have a crêpes day, but there were not enough volunteering parents to facilitate.  to the students' disappointment, this was the first time they have ever had to cancel.  boo.  however, that wasn't us!  we still got crêpes!
really loving their outfits.  love seeing how they express their individuality.  chloe has finally learned that stockings are for dresses/skirts and not alternatives to underwear, socks or pants. 
  i was doing a mini purge and found momo's dino jacket.  my memory lapse figured it was probably too small for chloe, probably a size 2.  as you can see, it fits perfectly with a little room for growing!  and she loves it.  and it looked even cuter later when she changed into her fuschia terry hammer pants.
whooo's thaat girrrrrrl?
tables set up in the school kitchen
Mirka getting a head start on the crêpes.  
there was jam and nutella, syrup, fresh lemon juice and sugar.  families were to bring their favourite fruits.
"omg, Mirka you are soooo good!!!"
"stephanie, i have made probably 1000 crêpes..."
each one as perfectly thin and even as the one before
SUPER NOM!!!!  strawberries, banana and nutella
beautiful blonde slaves at work.  

i can't tell you how good it smelled in this room, i felt so awful for the rest of the teachers and children in the school that could smell the sweet yummy batter transforming into pieces of heaven.  
seriously one of the nicest moms (and one of the first) i have met at Franc Départ 
a first time mama joining us with her adorable little button 
i met this lovely pair way back before moses was a year old at swimming class.  she was one of the first to find out i was pregnant again.  it was a year or so before i saw her again and it must have been at least that long since we've seen one another!  
 chloe's on and off boyfriend.  gorgeous.
the Owls painting i did was for the mama on the left and the older boy on the right (3 years) can sing the entire O Canada anthem in perfect order with perfect pronunciation. 
 fashionable ladies
my lovely regulars
love these two!  keep meaning to set up playdates with these fellow Beach Grovers!  Bay was not  impressed with my camera face, but after i took this one, she asked me to take more...
LOOOOVVVEEE her little smirky smile!!!!!!!!

what a perfect way to start off Spring Break.  i am so thankful to have found this Strong Start so close to our home and right in momo's preschool.  i have met so many fantastic friends that have filled my life with kindness, support and laughter, all doing their best to get through the day.  


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