chillin in beach grove

first.  i forgot to post this photo from yesterday.

i have waited a long time for this

a great start to the long weekend with the Crowles in Beach Grove.
initially had playdate booked with the Wolzen-Hastie's as well, but Em got called in last minute to pick up a shift.

i have to say, i am loving the iphone but it's definitely making me lazier with my camera.  it's a lot less work and i have to give props to the dudes that come up with these filters for instagram.  snap snap filter filter post post and DONE.

i feel like i should have taken photos... but i ALWAYS feel that way.  i think i'm OCD.  it's a memory thing.  i'm wanting to capture those moments and keep them and remember them.  all these small moments during this young time in my family life.  this precious time before they are off at school full time, developing their lives beyond their parents and their parents' schedule.  i know i'm going to want to remember these times.  i love these lazy days spent with great company.

i want to remember chloe running around with no pants and making us tiny plastic pots of sand food.  i want to remember rocking in a patio chair in the sunshine with someone else's baby falling asleep in my arms.  i want to remember my friends being productive and happy, digging and making a house a home with a garden.  we are in a transitional stage.  there is no homework yet.  there is still freedom.  this is the time to enjoy these little ones.

i think about how i'll have so much more time to dedicate to work so that i don't have to stay up so late trying to get things done that are nearly impossible to do while i am at home taking care of them.  i should be getting down to their level and taking it in.  i'm happy to be busy but i need to remember that there isn't much time left before moses is in school.  this september will be his last year of preschool before kindergarten and that's it.  he'll have entered the school force for the next 20 years of his life.

this is a good time.
with good friends.

once these kids are in school, no more of these playdates.  no more hanging out eating sammies with tea while the kids run about.  not like this.

the money is tight these first few years, but it is also somewhat freeing.  MO MONEY MO PROBLEMS.  you know what is important.  you learn fast and hard how to manage life on half an income.  life is simple.  and it should be.  we really don't need a lot.
the boys both chose to wear The Pauhaus' BLAH BLAH BLAH tees today
Mile's calls it his "letter shirt" and moses calls it his pink shirt
this photo makes my life

i love hanging out with erin.  she is such a good soul.  she is patient and kind, down to earth and hilarious.  they just finished building their fire pit in the backyard and will start hosting sunday potluck bbq's in the next couple of weeks!  so stoked!  perfect walking distance for those long warm summer evenings!  we'll bring the wagon and pull the kids home...  it's going to be great.

it was a perfect day of relaxing.  chloe missed her nap.  she also peed through 3-4 pairs of pants and underwear.  she ended up passing out in my lap at home while i was talking with Saara on the phone.  we didn't eat until about 8pm but it was worth the wait!  
kevin made a few gluten free pizzas for dinner with blueberry mojitos!
he is now putting together a quilled "A" for Andie's birthday party tomorrow...

already the weekend is here
and as usual it is already packed


  1. Yay yay yay! Looks like heaps of fun! And Kevin made a gluten free pizza? What the?! I adoreee the pic of u and coco with ur mouse shoes. Ur having a good time being a mom. Embrace it. Don't forget it. Xoxo

  2. he uses Bob Red Mill's gluten free pizza mix for the crust. then just top it with whatever you want :) i also adore that photo, i had to beg her to sit still to get it!

    i am definitely trying to embrace it more and more as this age comes to an end. it is really a precious time!



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