Coco Cake & Little Nest

the sun came out for an encore monday morning!  just as cold and even more windy, but SWEET SUNSHINE nonetheless!

the kids and i headed out to The Drive to meet with Lyndsay Sung from Coco Cake for a family session consultation.  photos are this saturday so i needed to get over there to check out the space before getting my ideas together.
i am obsessed with our mountains.  everytime i drive into East Van, i look forward to the big hill just before Knight and King Ed where you get the mountains and the city below.  this photo does not do it justice.

this princess of cupcakes lives in a house that i can only keep dreaming about.  a bright blue house with a very clean and modern interior.
 Lyndsay's sis and little wee Brookie dropped by for a visit
 love the mid-century chairs, the lion print, the case of teacups and bowls, the colour coordinated books
moses took the entire floor mat apart and after making cookies, fashioned the square pieces into a necklace.  B tried to rock it but felt it just wasn't her style...
 looking forward to some playdates with B and her older sister who is momo's age!
sweet baby Teddy!
 the king of the castle woke from his nap.  this little guy is seriously the sweetest and happiest little guy that i have met.  he didn't make a peep when i scooped him from Lyndsay!  no crying, no freaking out, no feelings of anxiety, just calm and super smily!  this is going to be easy...
don't worry Teddy, this rice cereal won't be forever.  yo mama makes the most delish (cup)cakes and ice creams, you're going to be set for life with the best birthday cakes!!!

i asked chloe if she had to pee before leaving.  of course she said no.  of course she came up to me 2 minutes later having peed in her pants.  thank god i remembered a plastic bag this time for the wet pants!  we said our goodbyes and did a drive by pick up for more button accessories before heading to Little Nest to meet Saara and Leila for lunch.

this was my first time at Little Nest.  i've wanted to come here for almost two years after seeing it in a few of the local family rags and hearing good reviews from friends who have gone.  i was excited!  i posted that i would be heading here and received a lot of feedback on MUST HAVES.  
one of the first experiences is receiving your block letter.  it's your table number with a cute twist.

we arrived at lunch time so although it was a week day it was still bustling with people.  there was a line up from the door to the counter (5-6 people) and every table from the front all the way to the back was occupied by families with little ones, breastfeeding moms, moms on mom dates with multiple kids in tow, young, old and everything in between.  i think i saw one single lady working in the corner and three guys in another corner.   lovely atmosphere although the back could use a little more light.
i caved.  i got a chai latte.  THEY ARE SO GOOD.  lindsay this is all your fault...  i'm not supposed to be drinking coffee anymore.  i paid for it later that night with a massive 2 hour headache.  
we waited for our food.  the kids played in the kids area for a while.  moses chased me for 20 minutes crying over a truck that he wanted from a younger boy.  he went into his new phase mode of "i don't. want. anything... HMPH!" and walked away with his nose in the air.   it is amazing how much patience i have considering he performs this asshole act about 18 times a day.  i have yet to punch his smug little face in!  pretty proud of myself.
such a brat.  
chloe, i am begging you to skip that stage.
this little girl was so adorable.  it is my hope that chloe will be as sweet as her but i know i'm dreaming. chloe is and will continue to be a monster.  
 OUR FOOD ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!  
i am stupid.  everyone said i needed to have the scrambled eggs, but being a creature of habit i went with poached instead.  they came with mini baguette soldiers and a mini pot of ricotta and honey which has changed my entire perspective on life.  i am now addicted.  thankfully, kevin just bought some ricotta and i picked up some honey this evening!  tomorrow morning is going to be glorious...
i also ordered a kids cheese and dried fruit plate and a bowl of their rice pudding topped with pomegranates and pistachios.  the rice pudding was suggested by my friend Jen who is vegan.  if she's breaking the rules to eat it, it must be good!  
AND IT WAS!  how could this not be anything short of heavenly?!!!
Saara and Leila arrived.  and this is where i realized WHY i was supposed to get the scrambled eggs.  i tried them.  i tried them.  and i would eat them in a box and i would eat them with a fox.  i would eat them here and there.  i would eat them ANYWHERE!  they tasted so rich and buttery and full of flavour!!!  ahhhh!!!!  for anyone leading a gluten-free diet, Little Nest carries gluten-free bread for your breakfast toast!  the bacon was ridiculous.  the hash in Saara's bowl was also bursting with flavours and went so well with the veg.  i will be getting this on my next visit!!!
i still had nobody to eat lunch with while i was getting ready this morning.  saara called to see if i had found someone to join us.  i said i would have invited her personally but knew that leila had preschool... BUT WAIT!!!!  WE ARE ON SPRING BREAK!!!!  celebratory dance!!!  
look at this beauty mama cooling food down for L-Bear.  the things we do for these little butts...
bad move saara, you should have shoved them down your throat, laughed in her face with your mouth full of eggs "PSYCH LEILA!!!!!"  

and then before i could take more photos of the place, my battery died.  
all the more reason to pay them another visit!!!

one of Jade's friends LéLé was in the hood with a friend and joined us for noms.  we had a good time chatting about motherhood and astrology signs, that is until chloe took a huge crap and we had to leave.  chloe had to poo so i brought her to the washroom.  she peed, GREAT!   did not poo.  i just happened to find a diaper this morning and brought it "just in case".  i strapped it onto chloe instead of undies and of course, she immediately took a huge crap in it.

thank god for saara and her van.  there is no space to change chloe in the Jetta.  i used a hundred wipes to clean her shitcaked butt, eventually put her in undies and headed to the park to play.  we had about 20-25 minutes of mom time while the kids played in the sand with trucks and buckets and shovels.  note to self: stock the trunk with summer toys!  then, chloe peed in her jeans and it was time to leave.

back at the car, i stripped her down to clean her.  "have to go poo..." "REALLY CHLOE???"  i was NOT prepared to cross the street and zig zag my way back up and into the park (with moses) to the possibly sketchy washrooms.  i wouldn't be able to leave him unattended and the thought of cleaning her in the public washroom WITH moses was just not an option.

i emptied the plastic bag of wet pants, transferred all the wet pants to another bag, and got chloe to squat between the car and the sidewalk over the plastic bag.  socks, no shoes, NOTHING.  yup.  there's a first time for EVERYTHING, folks!!!!  

she did not like this.  she totally stomped and cried/whined "nooOOoOOOooooo!!!!"  i would have had more sympathy but i had already gone through two pairs of piss drenched pants and changed a huge sour poop within the span of 3 hours.  i only had sympathy left for myself.  she tried to poop.  she tried to poop while holding onto a packaged toothbrush.  nothing happened.  i moved her into the passenger seat where it was warmer, moses' extra hoodie on the seat JUST IN CASE.  NOTHING.  i took the plastic bag, busted two holes in the bottom and VOILA: a disposable diaper!  a BIODEGRADABLE disposable diaper, actually!  it was a Silver Mills bread bag!  i looked her in the eye and very sternly i told her she was NOT to pee or poo because it would get all over the seat.  i think she got the message...

she passed out after 10 minutes and amazingly arrived home DRY.

i know some of you might find the poo chronicling unnecessary but i thought i would include it to keep it real and let other moms in the same shituation know that they are not alone in this phase of toddlerhood.  hopefully you had a bit of a laugh to help you plod on tomorrow.

also!  now i understand why neighbour cait just takes their potty around with them.  



  1. OH MY GOD i am dying of laughter!!!! silver mills bread bag!!!! this is brilliant... OMG chloe!! mega shituation, dude!!!

    WOW you made our house look so beautiful! i am PUMPED for saturday, lady!! and crazy cute pics of momo and brookie too!

    i make 7 minute soft boiled eggs on buttered toast like WAY too much now, i am also brutally addicted to the poached eggs and baguette... !! your snaps of little nest are beautiful, you should share them with little nest!



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