Downtown for the Falcon

fuck you daylight savings time, spring edition.  i am going to do this post and then i'm going to make a few buttons and then i'm going straight to bed.

the car is coming along, slowly but surely.  we still have not even given the car a name.  fair, since it is going under a total makeover, but i'm still eager to get into the name game again.  hopefully it will be easier than naming a child... HA.
this is a very accurate portrait of kevin.  once the kids are down, he flips on his retro tv and works on whatever he can for the car that doesn't require being at his parents'.  this contraption is the package tray, the flat space behind the back seats.  i don't have a photo of it, but he is installing a rear defrost and in order to have it function, he custom designed a new package tray.  it's so crazy seeing his pad of sketches for these designs.  whenever he shows them to me, i never quite understand what is going on and then out of nowhere, the real thing will be in our living room.  
here it is, test installed.  the sides will be upholstered in black and the centre slats will be done in the same mint fabric that runs throughout the rest of the car.  it actually looks pretty rad with this wood grain...
he took a few photos for me while i was at home with the kidlets
he installed a different grill
here is the original
this one's got a little more attitude to match the rest of the makeover
the doors are looking pretty effing badass 
(iPhone photos)
he is now on the prowl for some silver piping, so we decided to hit up Dressew today!  WOOT!  i was stoked when he suggested this since i have been trying to get out there for the past 2 months!  
i look like a troll.  chloe looks amazing.

Ayma's mom was at the counter and recognized us from reading the blog.  i have not seen Ayma's mom since the morning after my 22nd birthday at the crooked house.  super hero party.  
my husband was so wasted his pants came off and the dude beside him slept with the dirty rug for a blanket.  and someone drank spilled beer off the floor.  and rabbits peed on some of the girls sleeping down in the basement... 

since we were in the hood, we planned to stop by Gastown Tattoo Parlour to visit Matt and Renée, but Renée just happened to be at Dressew and heard my voice as i was talking to Ayma's mom.  STOKED.  small word!
i used to laugh at these plastic boobs all the time when i came here with my mom.  and now my 2 year old daughter is pinching the nipple.  yeah.  my hands aren't that small.  
check out these badass muthafuckas.  M&R will be doing more projects with the peeps that customized these leather boots for Renée.  drawing by Matt.  i am so jealous.
posing with mama Nene.  
if you are in the hood, go check out the chalk art outside the parlour
surprised Matt who was looking dapper as usual 
bringing home the bacon 
made one last pit stop before heading back home.  finally picked up a box of Cedar incense at the Old Faithful Shop.  i bought a little incense cabin, handmade by my friend Mike at over the holidays and have not had the time to grab any of the incense cones!  the kids were excited to play with Jean-Pierre again.  
i love the little doghouse they fashioned into the front desk.  so smart.

had a really bad headache this morning and again this evening.  think perhaps it's the coffee.  gotta just stick to my tea i think.  really happy that i don't have any super pressing work at the moment as i am really trying to take better care of myself and spend more time with the family.

happy weekend errbuh.


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