Fab Family Friday

i have to say, after the two days of school in a row, i am eager for the extra sleep on friday mornings whether or not the kids are with me.  i enjoy waking up with them.  i love lounging and cuddling with both of them for 40 minutes before cracking the old back out of bed and over to the kitchen for breakfast.  i'm flattered that my affection is the gold medal of gold medals to them, but it is insane trying to get them to stop bashing and thrashing one another in hopes of winning me over.  why haven't they learned that to be the most obedient and well mannered children would win them my affection???  seriously.

we all slept in after a long day.  chloe had not napped and stayed up well past her usual bedtime.  no big surprise.  she finally passed out on the laminate floor outside of the office.
i had a perfect view.  adorable & hilarious.
lazy cereal morning.  laid back morning.  sort of.  the usual.

got ready in reasonable time and headed out to richmond to drop off buttons for the Stones.  on the way out i received a text from Erin whom i was planning to call for a playdate as soon as i had a moment.  she wanted to go meet at a park!  i dropped off the buttons, grabbed a random assortment of "snack food" and hauled out the wagon and momo's bike.  i wanted to get there fast, but since it was the first clear day in a while (and the best looking day out of the next 5 days of rain...) and we are not the most physically active family, i figured we should make the most of the day, get some fresh air and move our bodies.
moses did an awesome job biking all the way.  i was impressed and began exciting myself over bike rides with the kids, family bike rides on the dyke to the beach when they are older...  bonfires all sumer.  riding back in the warm night air, smelling like beach and fire.  he lost speed during the last haul but we made it!
cait saw my message on fb that i would be there with Erin.  they swung by for a threesome.  the boys, Moses Myles and Ty all had their turn thwacking each other with a stick which means they each got hit with a stick, which means at any given point, someone was bawling.  moses is going through a major drama stage at the moment.  normally, at home, when upset, he toddles off to his room with a HMPH! and an arrogant nose in the air stomp.  feeling sorry for himself, he slowly meandered towards the fenced walkway, and slowly plodded away from us, his head hanging off his shoulder.  i truly hope this is a drama/feelings stage.  i can not deal with his emotions right now.  this is a new challenge i need to tackle and i haven't figured out what strategy to employ just yet.
james paid a quick visit.  nothing like surprise visits from daddy :)

it began to rain.  cait was going to stuff us in the van and drive us the 2 minutes home.  our wagon and bike were too much so we decided to just walk.  erin wanted to show us their new home but we ended up staying the entire afternoon, skipping yet another naptime for chloe.  whatevs. 

we had a great time.  the boys played together significantly better than they had at the park. they feasted on apple-pears, grilled cheese, fish crackers and popsicles.  perfect friday afternoon snacks.  they played for a good while before having some computer downtime.  
the only thing i regret more than not having photos of chloe's birth is not having 100 photos of me breastfeeding the kids.  i think i have one or two and i'm pretty sure they aren't a sweet quiet moment like this.  
look where chloe's mouth is.  that is how huge my boobs were!
my nip was that far away from my neckline
sigh, little tiny chloe in her tiny pink sweatpants and tiny rabbit slippers
the only one i can think of is this one KLF took of me when Taryn and I were hosting Toddler Art Classes at Mount Pleasant Community Centre.   i can't even think of a single one that i might have with moses...  
Erin & MaeMae
 going in...
chloe was over the moon over mae.  kept playing with her, combing her hair and then got super into helping change diapers.  i'm pretty darn sure we are not having 3, but it is times like these when the two of them act like a team of love over a smaller child that makes me want to see them bond over another sibling.  sigh.  it would have to be another boy. poor moses would lose his mind with two younger baby sisters hahahaha.

chloe's potty training has been excellent.  i give her a 75% right now.  she's doing great.  i am pleasantly surprised!  this has been day 3 (in a row) of taking her out without even a cloth diaper.  just undies and 3 pairs of pants, underwear, and socks packed in my backpack.  she has been going on her own at home.  for the past three days out, we have done some great team work to make it happen where i ask her regularly if she has to go and she more or less tells me ahead of time that she has to go and manages to hold it in.  she had a few tiny leaks (both ends) today, but i was still so proud of her.  i'm so happy she has not been power tripping over potty training.  she realizes it's just more efficient and comfortable to figure it out and do it and get it over with.

just when i thought the rain had stopped, we departed the Crowle's cozy home for dinner time.  we made it about halfway before the rain started again... and came harder... and harder!  moses had his raincoat and helmet, but chloe had her leather jacket and no hat!!!
i was SO THANKFUL i had brought a change pad along because it worked PERFECTLY!
we arrived home and as usual, i had no idea what to make.  i decided roasted veggies would be good with quinoa.  so i roasted carrots, apples, onions, leeks, garlic, together in one pan.  yam, a carrot and a little garlic and maple syrup in another, hoping to make some yam dip.  i left to do work and kevin took over.  he grilled some asparagus, took out some meat, used the leftover breading and egg to make tiny omelette rolls and pulled yet another lovely dinner out of his white ass.
i keep forgettting to mention that i figured out a nice way to start showing kevin some love and appreciation for all the shit he does for us and around the house.  of course, like all good ideas, it was the most simple.  doing simple things, small things, thoughtful things.  the first was last thursday.  i picked up some gluten free bread from Superstore when i was with my bro.  once he went to sleep, i made him two sandwiches for his lunch with a note saying:

in case you didn't know, you're kind of a BIG DEAL around here...
love you.  happy friday!

i had hoped it would be an everyday thing, but i missed a day here and there.  i decided, it didn't have to be everyday, but it would definitely have to be more often, at least a few times a week.  yesterday, we had watched Wreck It Ralph at Saara's.  LOVED IT.  knew kevin would love it.  told him i saw it and he was so mad!  i hadn't even heard of it and he was freaking out that i don't remember anything because he apparently told me he wanted to watch it with moses back whenever it first came out.  so i rented it on itunes.  it took 4 hours to load last night so we watched it tonight.  all of us.  our first family movie together.  he was SO HAPPY.
it was great.  i loved it.  i loved the bursts of giggles from moses over the silliest parts.  mostly goofy slapstick humour.  i laughed at kevin for laughing at the 3 exact things saara laughed at...  apparently you are both total cheeseballs.. OOR-E-O OR-EEEEE-O...  chloe wanting to drive to Sugar Land and eat everything.  we have a cookie with tea and everyone goes to bed happy and tired.

so grateful for these kinds of days.


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