family days

i know i keep talking about how i am becoming my mom, but it really is just so alarming.  i don't know why i am so hyper aware of it.  everytime i am in a rush.  everytime i open my mouth.  and the other day, i was choosing outfits and i realized i am even dressing in similar ways... all the animal print on my flat ass is my mom.  ugh and the way i eat is just exactly the same.  the way i stuff my face and even the manner in which i transfer food to my face.  i feel like it is a transformation beyond my control.  it's just inevitable.  it's like Freaky Friday everyday in small doses.

it was so great to have this family day together.  it was kevin's last monday off after 3 weeks of school on saturdays and he let me sleep in.  i had been feeling the onset of a cold since friday and after a packed weekend, my body was toast.  i was in bed for a good 45 minutes dozing in and out, listening to the kids chat with NO FIGHTING.  it was so nice and so sweet and so.... WEIRD!  the smell of pancakes wafted through the bedroom door and after the kids jumped in bed to tell me breakfast was ready, i sat down with everyone for delish pancakes and a homemade london fog.  kevin rarely ever drinks tea, but when he makes me london fogs, they always taste better than when i make them.  i wonder if it's just the sandwich effect?  sandwiches always taste better when made by someone else.    anyway.  such a lovely treat.

we all wrestled on the bed for a bit before getting ready and heading out.

chloe in my wedding Tom Fords (back when it was ok to drop $300 on a pair of sunglasses...)
moses striking a Top Gun pose
i "splurged".  i love Front.  we had two boxes of my brother's shirts to consign.  as a shopaholic, there were so many shirts that were unworn or lightly worn that no longer fit him since he has chiseled out his body.  they took 20 pieces!!! yeah!!!  in celebration, i settled my heart on this 60's Mad Men necklace.... $24!!!!  i love the jewellry they have at Front, it's always so affordable but so cool and so different.  i can't wait to rock this with some Spring attire or with some light dresses this summer!  

the little starfish earrings are for chloe bear.  i know a lot of people are against piercing young girl's ears but COME ON!  as if chloe is not going to be an earring fanatic.  she pretty much already is.  she loves playing with my earrings and gets into all my accessories on a regular basis.  i was so stoked to find these earrings because i had seen them last year along with a variety of other seaside designs (seahorses, seashells, etc...) and regretted not buying them at the time.  Nova just had her ears pierced, so i'll see where Jade goes for her girls...
we sauntered across the street for a quick snack at Cocoa et Olive and over to the elementary school to play at the park.  except for the the huge pole that grew out of the top of my head, it was a gorgeous afternoon.
 i can't remember the name of the school but it was the same school where (1) Kevin used to smoke weed with his friends back in high school (2) the same park where i met up with Renee back when moses was tiny and she was teaching kids how to ride bikes!  one day, when we have our own little house and backyard, kevin will make these chairs.
my daredevil daughter
 this photo reminds me of photos of my mom with my brother and i when we were young

  chloe, unimpressed
 chloe being a ham

so thankful for a day of downtime with the family.  so thankful for the weather.  looking forward to more days like these.  life never seems to slow down.  just as i have been tying up a bunch of projects, i've had 5 inquiries just this week!  SO very very tired but equally as excited that business continues to grow and that new and existing clients continue to roll in.  

life is good.


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