Happy St Paddy's Day!!!

it was a miracle.  the sun came out.  the air was still chilly but it was so glorious to bask in some sunlight for a change!

today was Devin's 4th birthday.  when i finally found the courage to peek outside the blinds, i was elated to see the sunshine and knew Em was probably celebrating too!   we had a busy day yesterday which meant this morning was a super rush morning, trying to cross all our t's before the party at 11am. at least it was close by in Ladner.

kevin's older sister's birthday is on St Patrick's Day and so we usually have a dual celebration.  after our morning in richmond: dentist, my mom's, superstore... i dropped kevin off to work on the Falcon at his parents' and returned home to get started on a gift for Jen and our niece, Andie.
conceived and created within a 2 hour time frame, i am so so proud of this!!!  i was inspired by a Facebook post by one of my LIKES who had posted a very clean design of a clover with the four meanings written on each leaf. (should have saved the image bc i can not remember who it was and facebook has yet to come up with a search keywords option)  i knew i wanted to do something based on the the four leaf clover and its meanings, and this simple concept worked perfectly!  i opened my button template, took one of the circles, added a point and extended it to create the corner.  i scaled the size slightly, made 3 other copies and arranged them into the clover shape.  i took the colours from Bowen's "Forest" colour scheme for the individual buttons.  i found a font that worked nicely.  i printed out the clover and checked the size of a button and laughed and danced around squealing "IT'S PERFECT!!!!" in my head.  i had to adjust the button colours a couple of times as the screen colours were not translating through the printer.  glued the magnets onto the clover and voila!

why i love this:
i'm still a huge fan of gradients.  the buttons fit perfectly in the clover leafs that were all created from my button template.  the clover design is simple.  it signifies a clover in its simplicity.  it provides a base/explanation for the four concepts.  each concept is separate and unique yet still part of the same "clover" and part of the same "colour" that unites them together as a single unit.  they have a dual purpose: to hold your photos and reminders up on fridge (magnetic board, etc...) and to inspire the concepts themselves all year round.  the concepts are open ended to both religious and non-religious.  the colours are easy on the eyes.  though each magnet holds their own piece of art or dentist reminder, you can always place them together on st paddy's day to celebrate!

i feel like i'm back in art school and it's crit day...
the kids in their green outside grandma and grandad's

flash back to today.  i am going to save the birthday party photos for tomorrow night.  it was so much fun!  eeeee!!!!  so many beautiful little faces on such a beautiful sunny day!

 my sister has been sending packages.  this Hello Kitty shirt is destroying me.  
i love the little frill and the watercolour sparkliness!!!!!

chloe loved it right away, took it off after 20 minutes, then 3 days later (today) she decided it was worth wearing again.  took a few snaps before putting her down for her nappy nap.
 our cherry blossoms are blooming!!!!!!!
 chloe passed out quick after 3 hours of running around at the party.  once she was awake enough, i had them put on their St Paddy's Day shirts that my sister had sent a few weeks ago so i could send her a few photos of them wearing the goods.
 i tried to do it without jackets but it was too chilly.  
so instead, i taught my children how to flash LOL.  the light was really pretty.  
we're going to have to head out here at this time again..,
i figured out a menu with some help from cait.  we went with a potato soup, the corndog balls, and a apple pecan salad.  when the kids and i arrived back home, kevin had picked up where i had left off with the dinner prep and put on some records for music: Misfits, Circle Jerks, Ramones for prep and some Mamas and Papas for dinnertime.
the kids ate nothing while kevin and i hoovered the foods.  the salad was easy and tasted great thanks to cait who lent us a bottle of fresh dressing she had just whipped up.   the soup was lovely.  the bread was sooooo good though it didn't go especially well with the soup.
 moses instigated the family photos for the night.  he asked me if i could kiss him and put lipstick on his face.  this could not have been timed more perfectly.  i had planned to do a photo of all of us with lipstick kisses all over everyone's faces except my own, since i am the non irish member of our family.  only for 18 months (divided) did i ever have a little irish in me. har har har...
it was chloe's request that i kiss her all over her chubby trunk
super goons
 oh the joys of self timer with antsy uncooperative children 
Happy St Paddy's Day!!!


  1. heehee! so cute... food looks awesome... and um also your LIPSTICK COLOUR IS AMAZING LADY! cutest family ever!

  2. that is so funny you like the lipstick colour because it was the first one i grabbed outta the backpack. i've still been thinking about going the same darker shade as yours :)


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