Noms: Endive Tacos

 almond milk with cinnamon aka lazy horchatas
 tacos are always fun.  we haven't had endive tacos since last summer.  the endives are such a great alternative to corn tacos for small kids who might get a couple sharp jabs from the cracking shells and are obviously on a healthier side.  with the variety of toppings, you lose any real taste from the endive and are left with a very satisfying CRUNCH.  i was nervous with the kids but they went to town!  kevin threw a few (small) corn tortillas in a pan and cut them up into smaller pieces for extra crunch.  

 chloe made a lot of TOMATO ONLY boats.  she loves tomatoes.  she dislikes onions
no photos of momo.  he was in his room having a teenage tantrum.

i am glad to know that this seems to be a phase for this age.  sweet!  i'm off the hook!  it's not my doing!  now all i have to do is figure out how to best manage the situation... i'm sure he'll give me plenty of opportunities.  his new thing that makes me want to punch his face is when he gets scolded, he'll tuck his hands behind his back and walk away with his nose in the air, his eyes closed and let out a "Hmmph!"

eff you, child.
i mean, i love you.

that was yesterday evening.
had a pretty nice and chill day today.  it was the last day before Spring Break, so in celebration, Mirka brought her creperie that she's had before they moved here from France, and Franc Depart enjoyed a very lovely morning of freshly made crepes!!!

photos tomorrow :)


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