Noms Update

 kevin's "ghetto food" always is a starch with cheese, peas and bacon
with that mix you can't really go bad.  this was super ghetto fabulous
want to eat this again
homemade gluten free empanadas
organic beef, black beans and rice
jicama slaw with mango, red onion, cilantro 
 flourless quinoa chocolate cake
coconut yogurt, raspberries and lemon zest
another ghetto fab dinner done up with tomato sauce, pork and spinach
apple butternut squash curry soup & homemade hummus
COURTESY OF neighbour cait
and a nail file for dessert
kev and i have both come to the conclusion that we need to clean up the food act a little more.  his belly continues to have issues on a daily basis.  the single complaint over the gluten free pancakes is that they aren't filling.  we just bought a bag of Nutracleanse which adds a buttload of filling fibre and some Omega 3s and added it to this morning's banana coconut pancakes.  the kids ate about 2.5 pancakes instead of the usual 5.  so delicious.  and finally, so filling!!!
VEGGIE BURGERS!  i love veggie burgers.  if given the choice, i will always take a veg over a meat.  although i often ask for bacon.  the only available protein in the house was some firm tofu and the canned legumes in the pantry so this was a perfect choice.  cait found and sent me two recipes in a split second.  this one was from another blogger  i swapped the parsley for cilantro and added a few fists of spinach.  i also carmelized the onions before adding them to the mix so that the children wouldn't be such buttholes about stronger crunchier onions.  they are both so retarded about onions i just didn't want to hear about it tonight...  
no buns.  we had an abstract deconstruction of a burger and fries and salad.  patty on lettuce, topped with cucumer and yam fries.  pickles, ketchup, honey mustard, salsa verde.

it's 1:21am.  but it's 12:21am.  not bad.  i am going to go to sleep.



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