Park Life: Birthday for Devin

for the birthday boy
framed art, a blahblahblah t-shirt, clover button magnets and these bad boys
Mike.  coolest dad ever.  inspired to wear tie-dye all summer now...
eve and mila
as usual, chloe found the food in record timing
adults gathered with coffees as the kids ran amok

i almost named chloe Mila.  after the coolest girl i met at ECIAD
running for the hills with shyness...
while these two munchkins check out the hanging Diego corpse!
with his trusty new shovel, the birthday boy gets to work

i am grateful for my genes, but sometimes i wonder how i would be different if i had been blessed with white blonde curls and enormously striking blue eyes decked out with luscious lashes...
Big D
super delicious bros Arlo and Kai

i haven't seen so many of these kids since last summer at the Wolzen Hastie summer BBQ.  there are going to be a lot of heartbreakers around these neck of the woods in another 10 years...  who am i kidding, in another 5 years chloe will have boy names written all over her diary and agenda!!!
Sofia.  the sweetest and well mannered little girl.  kind and chatty and sharing :)
mama em & little eve
seriuosly.  these soft blonde curls and blue peepers
more gorgeous blue eyes and cascades of curls
i really hope these girls stay friends growing up.  chloe was super shy when we arrived.  i was surprised so surprised eve remembered chloe!  she saw us, walked over, said "Hi chloe!" and gave her a big hug!  
this little romeo is going to grow up and have every girl lining up to date him.  chloe and eve will have zero chances because he'll remember the day they both smugly sucked on their ring pops and pretended he wasn't even there.
what is in the water that creates children as beautiful as this?
girls girls girls
love chloe in this get up.  the orange with purple and navy is dope
the kids take turns with the Diego Piñata as the adults yell
the best part of the pinata is checking to see if it is still alive... 
my guy.  love his eyebrows and chick let teeth.
homemade rice crispy squares with white chocolate!!!!
nom nom nom nom...
was trying to get a few photos of Sid here.  i hadn't recognized her with her huge sunglasses, not to mention these kids grow and change so fast, i haven't seen her since july/august!  took this photo at the BBQ, one of my faves i have included in my portraits section on the pauhaus site.  crazy to see the difference in my photos!
LOL as i was trying to get a few of Sid and Eve, this hysterical little guy started photo bombing with his hot dog!
couldn't have asked for a better day!  it was quite windy and chilly but kids never seem to mind as long as they are half bundled up.  i really didn't want to move out here.  i really wanted to stay in vancouver after moses was born, but 500 square feet of studio apartment would not do.  i am constantly so grateful that we did move out here.  i have met and continue to meet so many families and friends that really make Tsawwassen life better than i could have ever imagined.  i never wanted to be so far from the city, and now i never want to leave.  so glad these guys get to grow up with such a close knit circle of families.  


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