Vancity Adventure

i woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head...

it felt like i had done a 180!  yesterday was the day of death, of resting for 20 minutes at 2 hour intervals all day long.  wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughing that made every bone and muscle ache and cry out for mercy.

today, we drove out to Marine Dr, caught the skytrain and hung out downtown, just the kidlets and i.  i had to circle the area a little bit before finding a free spot, but it was worth it.

i had to pick up my hang tags for buttons.  i was hoping to have the business cards ready as well.  the kids were so excited when i told them we would be riding the skytrain today.  whenever we drive through richmond, moses asks about going on the sky train.  it was their lucky day!
out first stop was jukebox on water street, just a skip hop away from Waterfront Station.  we ascended the steep staircase into their second floor office.  the room was hazy and warm.  chloe stripped off her jacket immediately.  my hang tags were ready but the biz cards were not, though i had received an email saying they were in the process of "trimming".  i was skeptical, but left hoping i would be updated during the rest of our outing.

we walked back west along Cordova to the Fairmont where i was hoping to go for lunch at Oru.
  we ended up at the Giovane cafe instead for pizza.
once we were done, we crossed the Ferrari lined parking lot to Shaw to give the old workplace a surprise visit!  it's been a long time since i last made the trek out with the kids.  i think it was for Ian's book opening and even that was in the evening and kevin was there helping me.
we hung out for a while.  i had forgotten it was Spring Break.  a bunch of the office was away including Ian which was a bit of a letdown, but it allowed us to be more free and a little more noisy than if the office were full with multiple meetings happening.   a bunch of the office ladies were still plugging away (as usual) and they all came out to see the kids.  
 they got spoiled with lollipops and juice and Ting spun them around in Ian's office chairs til her arms gave up.
god i miss working here.  i miss the view.  i miss being right downtown.  i miss the spotless kitchen.  i miss spending an hour deciding how fabulous to dress, freaking out if my makeup wasn't exactly right and straightening my hair EVERY MORNING.  i'm lucky if i brush my hair once a week!!!!  
we packed up.   and headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and the lovely Coal Harbour view.  
moses was excited to see boats and planes.  i can't believe how perfect the weather has been the last week.  we have been so lucky.

i have to say.  after so many potty training fails with chloe, moses has been more of the troublemaker the last two days.  yesterday at the dentist he peed himself and ended up in chloe's underwear and capris.

today we were safe, though the panic in his voice gave me a sweating heart attack.  we hustled over to the new Cactus Club and weaved throughout the tall bar tables and booths packed with lipstick, heels, cologne and confidence to the back of the restaurant only to find the bathrooms were down a long flight of stairs.  moses seemed less panicked than before which put me at ease.

the bathrooms were so beautiful.  behind the doors, a long marble sink and a long orange lounge chair flanked the walkway to the bathroom stalls.  floor to ceiling, fully encased with "EXOTIC FOOT FLUSH".  every germ freak's wet dream!  basically a metal doorbell on the floor that you step on to flush the toilet.  i needed 2 minutes to cool down and slow my heartbeat before heading back out through the cocktails and fully stacked waitresses.

we returned outside for a little longer before finally heading back to Waterfront.

one last treat/bribe to get them to walk back to the skytrain.  this was our first time heading out this way SANS stroller so they really did a buttload of walking.  i had to carry chloe on and off but for the most part she did a very decent job.  we went to Mink for a few signature chocolate bars!  the walk back to the skytrain was a BREEZE!!!
 mama bear had two lovely surprises after a long ass day.  leanne had dropped off a bunch of David's Tea at kev's work for me along with a few of momo's handmedowns that Thomas was now grown out of.  this is ridiculous leanne.  ridiculously AWESOME OF YOU!!!!!  i'm so stoked to have a tea strainer so that i don't need to keep buying bags!  looking forward to trying a bunch of these new ICE teas as the weather warms up!
and neighbour Cait saved us a couple of her cupcakes that she is donating to the local BMO for Children's Hospital Fundraiser!

salad dinner.
driving back out to vancouver.
picked up the Volvo that used to be my dad's.
i learned to drive in it, back and forth across the terrifying Alex Fraser bridge...
my aunt had been driving it since he passed and just bought herself a new car.
put the kids to sleep.
finally put Christine's canvas order through.

and here i am.  218.  dozing.  my knees are aching.
so if there is anything effed up in here, i'll fix it tomorrow....

thank god tomorrow is a playdate day.


  1. omg phanie, how COOL do they look here??!!
    I can imagine them in the exact same spot in 15 years. just hanging out..

  2. yes. my sister msg me asking if this was real or if i had posed them. moses was yammering and chloe was hiding a dime in her hand that i kept telling her to throw into the water!


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