Behind the Scenes with Wasted Effort

it is so funny to have had this phrase "wasted effort" in the forefront of my mind for the past couple of weeks leading up to the two day shoot with Marie and her upcoming line of new beauties.  how much of my life is totally wasted effort taking care of these demanding monsters!!!

it was a good thing we separated the model shoot from the product shoot, because both took so much time and care that we would have definitely been super grumpy had we tried to pack it all into one day.

sunday was a gorgeous day.
my head was still a buzz from our evening at the Stones' but i managed to make it back into east van only 30 minutes behind schedule.  it worked out perfectly.  lindsay and neil were just leaving for coffee and work, respectively as i arrived.  neil went on his way and after dropping off my equipment upstairs, i had a luxurious walk with a beautiful and talented lady friend for 4 blocks of uninterrupted conversation to the coffee shop and back, sipping a delicious chai latte drenched in sunshine.  how could something so mundane feel so heavenly?  i don't care.  it felt so good.  so. damn. good.

Annik Landry of Coalition Skin arrived to do make up followed by our model Ariana Preece and my darling friend Jade of style by jade for hair.
Lindsay: leader of the pack
set up
make up
hair aficionado & the model with killer eyes
 the goods
Marie: the babe behind the goods
Annik brought some leftover vagina cupcakes from their grand opening.  they were delicious.
she waxes clams.  the good, the bad, the bloody.
 just stick a tampon in and don't worry about tucking the string.
 i love working with talented ladies
one of my top contenders
 but i think i'm gonna go for this lovely bracelet-ring combination
also.  could not shut up about how much i loved this bra.
so many different pieces for so many different looks
the boss

it was a long ass day.  i was pooped and hungry and jittery from all the doughnuts and cupcakes that kept us going.  the girls filed out, lindsay and i walked over to foundation for a well deserved dinner.

we returned today to shoot just the product with Marie.  i slept at 2am.  i woked up at 730am.  got up at 8am and was late for school.  again.  i had to pack for school and pack for lindsays.  i should have done it last night but i was pushing out Sondi's gallery that i had promised would be up for viewing by today!  
Neil was the appointed babysitter while we used tweezers and Q-tips to anally arrange and rearrange all the product into visually appealing compositions.  it was not as long a day as sunday, but i was already worn from lack of sleep, rushing and freaking out, blah blah blah blah blah blah.  
chloe, amazingly napped though it was shortlived.  i spent the last hour or so carrying her gigantic cloth diaper butt to keep her from crying.  

we left just after 5pm.  traffic was nonexistent to my surprise.  what a godsend!  i was so thankful that cait texted me just as we came tumbling down the hall, asking me if i could watch Ty while she ran out to grab some groceries for dinner.  he was still napping.  i threw the kids at kevin who was busy making dinner, and ran back to cait's.  my first fucking break of the day at 6:30pm.  a lovely clean house that doesn't smell like buttcracks, me my phone and the internet enjoyed a lovely relaxing threesome.

and it's 149am.



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