weekend roundup

these updates are getting far and few between these days which is a good thing i guess?  i do really enjoy updating and sometimes i wish there was less going on so i could dedicate more time and thought into these posts.  there are times when i just want to ramble about thoughts rather than just post photos, but this post is definitely a photo one...

with a full weekend ahead, kevin helped me get through all the editing for last week's 80's photo booth.  so funny thinking back to my old Microsoft days when i didn't have Photoshop and i would have to go to his parents' to learn it on their Mac.  how times change...
as it was a corporate event, i am waiting on the go ahead to post more
HOWEVER this amazing duo graced us with their musical talent throughout the evening
Karina and Karlo from Kokosoul got decked out in their best 80's garb, filling the room with mellowed out versions of the decade's most memorable songs.

friday began with a trip to the library.  weekends have been booked for weeks so that the kids stayed over at my mom's, we haven't had a chance to hit up Friday storytime and collect some new books for bedtime reading.  the usual lady was not there.  we were disappointed as nobody else has really stepped up to her level of patience and enthusiasm, but it was still nice.  i picked up a nice stack of good books for the kids and lugged them in my backpack down to Sublime to visit Andie and then to Thrifty's to pick up some grub for lunch.

i have started drinking coffee.... more.  it used to be just a 1/3 cup at Franc Depart.  i'll take the same amount at my bank.  basically the free places hahaha.  i think i have had a coffee 7 days in a row now.

i bought my first latte (and a chocolate almond biscotti) and we headed home for lunch.

Michael came over to do some test shots for Johnny Tomorrow.
as much as i love using the natural light that flows into the house, i think i will set up my own next time so that we don't have to worry about racing the sun.   i'm excited for this project!!!  this was so fun and so refreshing and very much the sort of thing i would have loved to do back when i was in school.  super stoked to be working with another creative individual!

Michael made like a tree and Kevin arrived home shortly after.  after a lovely dinner and trying to upload the last of the Photobooth images to the gallery, i had 30 minutes to get ready for Saara's first LADIES' NIGHT out!   in the 4 years since Leila was born, she hasn't had a single one!  she scooped me up at 9pm as every member of my family was having a massive meltdown and we and two other mamas drove out to Langley for Ladies' Night at the Shark Club.  yes.  you read that right.  not my bar of choice, but we were going to make a night out of it anyway!
free champagne, free shots, two free appies, and a bag of candies upon arrival!
some of you may recognize this red face and glazed over look
mega milf
cooling down
we left just after 12:30am.  i showered.  i performed my adoration.  i scrolled through Pinterest on the iPad while slowly sipping a tall glass of water.  went to bed around 2am.  

up at 8:30-9am.  had to figure out present and card for Ty's birthday at Noon.  had to make present and card and still have time to get the three of us ready and do a quick run to Thrifty's for groceries for communal dinner with the Stones later that evening.  
googled for old school Spiderman.  they have been watching it on Teletoon Retro lately.  printed and punched out buttons.  moses stuck the magnet backings on and we moved on to the Spiderman face card.  i don't know why i didn't just print a big fucking Spiderman face instead of cutting and arranging all the stupid web lines on his stupid face.  chloe did the sparkles.
Here comes the Spiderman!
Ty prioritizes the toy when it comes to Kindersurprises.  he smashes it open, opens the toy, and then starts eating the pieces.  Moses was more than happy to help him.  
 patio bubbles

i shuffled the sugar coma kids back home for chloe's naptime and did my usual cleaning slash internet slash working.  was SO HAPPY when kevin arrived home around 230-3pm from his last day of school!  i did not make it to Thrifty's, so we quickly discussed what we should make for the evening's communal and he took off to run errands and grab whatever food we needed.

 kev brought records
candied beer bacon & melting ribs by the hosts
we brought hush puppies & jicama-mango-red onion-lime slaw
this was insane
after playing downstairs with the kids and allowing our tummies to settle, nicole brought out the dessert!  
panna cotta with slushy pineapple and mango and oranges.  delish!
ashley joined us.  we all packed into the washroom for good times and relaxed with a few kettles of the David's Teas that i had brought along.  ashley and chloe are meowing like cats here.  we stayed quite late, until about 11pm.  moses passed out but chloe, as usual, was wide awake for the entire car ride home.

another late but enjoyable night.

shooting product with Lindsay for WASTED EFFORT!!!!!! 
 i pretty much died when Lindsay asked me to join her with this project as i have been a HUGE fan of Marie's brassy geometric accessories for the past year.  i first came across her work on Bleed For Fashion  at the beginning of last year and i was hooked.  immediately went into full stalker mode and exchanged messages with the faceless creator about getting a piece for myself.  the combination of not being able to decide on a SINGLE design and the constant lack of funds kept me heavily panting against computer screens and jewellry cases.  i'm sure there are many more Wasted Effort salivators in the same situation!  it was crazy to finally meet her face to face!

separate post of the behind the scenes to come.

and i will post today another day as well because i am so bloody tired from this long ass weekend and my stomach has been hurting for the past 3 hours.

to be continued...


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