A for Andie

began with my niece's birthday party.  it was a Busy Town themed party!  moses has been big into Busy Town for the last few months, so he was definitely stoked when we first received the invite!
super super super cute!  
i love how they used Goldbug to announce the party deets in true Goldbug style.  
we decided to quill.  ok, i suggested it and kevin (after a deep breath) accepted.
as usual, we started at 11pm and didn't finish until 3am.  i chose the font, traced it, sized and printed the template.  went through the paper stash to decide on a colour scheme, and kevin worked his magic.
 i am absolutely in love with the little bird he decided to add
 he is so talented.  i love the cascading teardrops on the left contrasting with the harder point in the pinstriping lines on the right.  he is so good and making leaves.
 i really love these quilled monograms.  they look so neat from every angle. 
best present was a handmade Lowly Worm!
handmade by Andie's Nana on her dad's side
moses got bored quick and starterd making buildings throughout the gift opening.  kevin's nana and grandad just arrived back from their two month cruise and brought back a few gifts for the kids including this insanely amazing jumper for chloe!!!! 
lunch followed the gifts.  cake followed lunch
then we headed out into the sunshine with magnifying glasses to find Pig Will and Pig Won't!
following footprints for clues... 
the kids played on Andie's new big playground, in the dirt and kevin helped chloe test out Andie's tee ball set.  also, may i just comment that i really was impressed by chloe's choice of matching her neon pink Doc knock-offs with her 90's floral dress.  
homemade goodie bags with treats and toys including little animal snouts!
these guys cracks me up
(when they aren't peeing all over the floor)

we headed out for a big group dinner at Tandoori Kona
with the Stones and my cousin Lauren and her beau Andrew
as usual, everyone ate too much

a great start to the long weekend!


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