Backyard Easter

we don't get to see Tera and Kat as often as we'd like, our last visit being just before Valentine's Day.  we had planned to get together over Spring Break.  the hope was to head out there way in North Van for a day, but as plans did not work out in our favour we were lucky to be invited to one of their friends' homes for an Easter BBQ!  
we arrived 50 minutes late and followed the bunny foot prints to the back gate
we were welcomed with a lovely sunny backyard
Ning, our lovely host with her little one Saoirse 
(argh! that makes me still regrert not naming chloe "Aoife")
 the kitchen was set with sammies, cupcakes, cake pops, vanilla cake, and punch
Kat and Moses continued where they had left off from our last playmate
this girl is like sunshine
little ones
love this shot
the "big kids" zig zagged through the garden hunting for easter eggs filled with chocolates.  moses' hawk eyes had his bag overflowing in no time and helped the girls to fill their bags
it was the perfect place for a hunt with so many great hiding places among the garden

Ning, busy in the kitchen did not have time to frost her bunny cookies so we had the kids do them instead!
they went straight to work coating the cookies with gobs of frosting
moses started to make them into sandwiches!
i pounded back this new flavour of Lonetree in between eating cookies
not too shabby...
 good times in the hammock
 playing peek-a-boo!
 after eating my share of cookies and drinking cider, i had my turn in the hammock with a dog
i enjoyed the 2 minutes in the hammock until chloe came along and tipped me over!

been run down with the cold and feeling generally under the weather, it was really great to be invited for Easter and have someone set up a mini hunt for the kids and then as a bonus, had the task of frosting bunny cookies!  i'm always so pleasantly surprised by the kindness and the open hearts of people.  this has been a really good domino effect of meeting great people: lindsay through friends, taryn through lindsay, tera through taryn and Ning and Mateo through tera!   it is so refreshing to meet people that are so down to earth and happy to welcome newcomers into their home!

we said our goodbyes and piled back into the car for Easter dinner with my inlaws back in Tsaw...

the kids went on a hunt for an Easter hula hoop surprise
matching dresses for the girls from Grandma
plaid dads

Easter: Day 2 of 3



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