beach by day & party by night

kevin took monday off so we could take a drive out to Everett, WA.  he's been searching for a windshield for the 64 Econoline van that is THE PAUHAUS van-to-be.  it was a long day in the car, or van i should say.  we borrowed my in-law's van as we needed something beyond a tiny Jetta to transport an entire windshield...  we stopped by Trader Joe's and spent $100 on 100 items.  please.  please.  whether you are dairy free or not, you need to try the Trader Joe brand coconut milk icecream.  it comes in chocolate and and strawberry and it is right up there with real ice-cream.  it is so thick creamy and smooth, it was definitely a "i can't believe it's not butter" situation.

so monday was a write-off.  tuesday, was another beautiful day so i took the kids to the beach.  i packed soy cheese, organic pears and rice crackers for lunch and we arrived around 11:30am to a very slow day at the beach.  there was hardly anyone there for such a lovely warm Sprint day!  it was 16 degrees!  the sand was actually warm and my feet just melted with happiness as we eagerly trudged through the warm exfoliating mounds for a spot.

this was me.  happy as can be.  the kids playing together, forever, zero squabs.
i sat.  i sat in the sun.  i sat on warm sand in the sun.  with a free London Fog from Ambiente (gotta love those punch cards...) and my sketchbook.  not a sound but the kids voices 30 feet away, birds chirping, planes quietly roaring by and eagles circling.  total and complete zen.

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may i just say that it is a miracle that these radtastically hipster flip glasses (from Sears) have neither been lost or broken since we got them last summer.  
  i love how they dress themselves.  i love it.  
 the tide was out so i didn't have to worry about anyone drowning
 looks like he found something interesting
 this girl is going to be the death of me
he found the tiniest crab.  no longer with us but virtually perfectly intact.

fast forward 6 hours later to
Lifestyles of the Free and Offspringless

sometimes i don't make good choices.  like bringing my camera to a surprise birthday party and not taking photos of the SURPRISE part.  it was a surprise Dirty Thirty Pizza Party for KLF's man, Milos! we all gathered outside their East Van digs around 6:45-7pm and when given the go ahead, we all marched up the 3 flights of stairs and barged through their door!
 as always, chloe found the food, or rather the pizza toppings.  KLF requested we bring toppings although she had every possible topping you could ask for including 5 kinds of cheeses, meats, veggies, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, smoked salmon, basil, tomatoes, hot pepers, artichokes,  and well you get the idea.  oh, olives!  chloe was eating those.
the lovely couple
 the first round of pizzas
and the lovely pair of ladies that made them all evening long
 we brought these bitches home
 this guy did this cool trick where his face turns into a ghost
also, i officially was appointed as a bro as the only female keeping it real on the patio
moses having a meltdown because KLF promised his pizza would be on the rainbow plate and it accidentally ended up on the cat plate.  Jane and KLF switched the pizzas.  they are not mom material.
the other photographer with her badass Hello Kitty camera 
it's pretty ridic how many parties these two kids have been to
cupcakes topped with jam and frosting
 chloe had to pee.  she realized afterwards that she was wearing Hello Kitty panties and told me "i want to show the girls!" and walked out into the living room with her pants around her knees.
"is this bitch for real?"
 moses is in disbelief that there is a stunningly beautiful adult woman that lets him harass her continusouly with a cat-tail on a stick cat toy.  not only does she allow the harassment, but she encourages it but laughing maniacally over and over...  i love you jane.

 Irish Twins
"i'm on a ship full of apples"
 beer.  beer.  beer.  beer.
it got late.  we said goodbye to KLF's crazy shelf jar of nails and googly eyes
and headed home.  UGH SCHOOL TOMORROW was all i could think about the entire ride home.

some things never change

BAH.  school again tomorrow.
i'm going to hang chez Christine for a change so i will NOT see you at Franc Depart.


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