Behind the Seams: Weekend Remnants

some afterthoughts from the busy weekend.
god i am tired.

first things first.  none of these sessions could be done without kevin.

 well into the first hours of the next morning, he is there to help me do set up and tests
 even if that means stuffing his shirt to pretend he is pregnant
 eventually he'll pull up a chair and just half pass out in it while i do my thing
this black and white isn't so bad.  
it's the coloured version that really shows how fucking tired this poor guy really is.  
the kids are only ecstatic when i tell them to go away and keep off.  note taken... 
and this is me in real life, contradictory to what other photos may lead you to believe

for example.  immediately after this photo, i strapped a blanket and then a bowl around me and did some test shoots in preparation for Cait's belly pics.  she's been having contractions all week twice a day and i was terrified she would have the baby before getting these pics.
pretty damn impressive considering i couldn't figure out my timer in order to hide the stupid remote in my hand.  i also was too tired to bother figuring out technology and still had to clean up for my mom's birthday that evening.  also kevin wasn't home.  i was alone with both kids that were still awake and running around.  i managed to set up a mirror behind the camera set up on tripod  so that i could see what i looked like.  i had to keep yelling at the kids to stay in their room and to NOT TOUCH THE COUCH that the mirror was leaning against.  SCORE: lighting is nice.  SCORE: drapery is workable.  SCORE: fan is blowing my hair very very nicely.  THIS IS GOING TO WORK AS LONG AS CAIT DOESN'T GO INTO LABOUR!!!!
i look like a hunchback amazon lady in this one, the angles are all wrong 
and here is my sneak peek of beautiful cait!
despite her contractions and being exhausted from cleaning their place for Open House she made it over for the belly session!!!   i just finished editing all of katherine's belly session and cait is next on the list! 
i was nervous all morning, wondering whether or not cait would show.  i requested pancakes because i had a lot of feelings to eat.  pancakes seemed appropriate.
i like this guy when he is not asking me to kick his teeth out
my darling animals.  
don't mess with me, because i have an army of three you don't want to deal with
kevin took them to the beach while i worked with cait.  he returned home just in time for me to pack the car and head out to vancouver for a sisters session with the lovely Tara & Kanika.  i raced home, trying to make it in time for BBQ at Erin and James' in Beach Grove.
 james built a fire pit in their backyard, just in time for the summer
 i was so happy to finally be able to sit down and unwind after the crazy weekend
mae mae
and the kids certainly enjoyed stuffing their faces with marshmallows!

and that's it.  amazingly it is 1139pm and not 139am



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