easy go

Keeping things on a very chill level this week.
Doing my best to keep up with the home and enjoying the benefits of  a little extra effort to make it happen.  
We are thinking of ripping out all the carpet this Spring and just going industrial with the cemeny/concrete beneath. 
We'll see how it goes...
Easter's leftover halibut turned into fried rice
Cauliflower and brown rice, bacon, onions, garlic, peas
got me craving for the super salty crab fried rice at Sawasadee on Main...
(if you love Thai food, i would highly suggest getting your butt down there)
finally caved at the sale price of $9 instead of the regular $12.  
it tastes better than the WOW BUTTER that we use for chloe instead of peanut butter.
We had Kasie over  with her  two boys William and Mateo.  Her boy brood are a bunch of tiny Romeos with their soft handsome eyes and lusciously wavy and unruly hair.  momo was so cute.  after a good 15 minutes of roaring, yelling and screaming on the patio with the boys, he pulled up next to William and asked me to get the camera to take a photo of them together.   CUUUUUTEE.
seriously so frigging adorable.  wish i could just take photos of these boys all day long.
they left for Mateo's nap.  and i got working on a little care package for Baby Tom's BIG TWO!
some signature Pauhaus swag for my cool little dude

today was our first day back to school.  i set my alarm.  i double checked my alarm.  my alarm went off and i woke up.  and then i fell back asleep... with no snooze.  had some crazy ass dreams and woke up an hour later at 8:30am.  here we go again... LATE LATE LATE. my poor kids.  thankfully i made some chocomole last night so i just had to spread it on toast and throw it on the table for them.    moses got dressed, i got dressed and with chocomole on their faces and chloe still in jammies, we fled to the car.  it was a quiet day at Franc Départ.  coincidentally, Mirka mentioned at storytime that all the kids today were enrolled for preschool come September.  very very cool.  they will have already spent this past year together!
i've been waiting for the opening of Meridian Meats here in Tsawwassen.  Saara told me that is where she found soy cheese for Leila and Cait just mentioned having gone.  i made a quick pitstop after school to pick up some of the soy cheese, hoping to really cut out dairy from our diet.  chloe's eczema is awful and i'd much rather change dietary factors than give her steroid creams.  it was great.  i picked up a baguette as well and we had a nice little lunch together.  
i keep meaning to dedicate a post to updates.  it's been a whlie since i've done it and i really need to acknowledge all the lovely (and awful) and funny things about these guys.  taking photos or video of chloe at nap time has been on my mind the past couple of weeks.  she loves having me tuck in her CocoBear before cuddling and kissing her little bear.  i was cleaning my dresser today, and she found my perfume.  she sprayed herself.  she smelled lovely.  i love her.
i was commissioned to make a lollipop inspired button for a very old friend, Amy.  she was the older sister to one of my long time best friends in elementary.  she now has three little ones of her own and this lollipop inspired button is for the middle little girl!  this is my first sample trial!  
using the only yarn i had on hand, i took a long piece of white and doubled it.  i took the grey and gold and basically wound it around the double strands of white.  tied at both ends and then starting from the centre, hot glued the yarn in an outwards spiral.  cut and sanded two sticks from a skewer, glued them to the buttons and glued them at the centre cross point before adding the ribbon.

i like these.  A LOT. 
gotta hit up the thrift shop for more colours!

the weekend is upon me.  i'm excited and wanting to hide at the same time.  i have really been enjoying the slow pace of this week...


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