Farm Mondays

there is much editing to be done from the weekend frenzy!  gotta finish editing belly photos with katherine and cait and editing the sisters portraits from yesterday at Queen E with Tara and Kanika...

in the meantime please enjoy our morning out at Emily's parents farm & stable!

we arrived at heaven's gate 
 with all the drama of this little threenager, it melted my heart to see him so happy tearing around at top speed on this motorized tractor.  you can't hear it, but he was laughing his brains out.
 these crossed legs are adorable
 swings are always more fun with mama
i love D.  he goes from cool guy to sweet guy in 0 to 60 
this summer is going to be excellent
 the boys continued riding the tractor
while the girls blew some bubbles
 grandpa came out to say hello
bffs.  walking to feed the horses 

could not have asked for a lovelier morning


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