Half a Life

i'm having some first world rough times.  fully fully grateful for all the blessings we've got here, but a little bogged down and overwhelmed by the accumulation of money worries, parenting challenges, the constant piling of clothes, dishes and toys, ongoing projects, feelings of inadequacy, lack of sleep, looking lousy from lack of sleep and self-esteem ups and downs.

despite both kev and i feeling really extra crappy, today was lovely.

we met up with a very old friend.  a friend with whom i became very close with 14-15 years ago, half my life ago.  i don't remember how we became friends.  it might have been in Science class.  possibly having been assigned the same desk to share.  the friendship was short-lived when at the end of that year, it was confirmed that she would be leaving LFA to school in England.

thanks to Facebook, we have been reacquainted.  we met briefly in 2005 on a visit, but had largely not maintained a relationship beyond the first year or two of her absence.

she is now married with children and currently lives in Toronto.
out families met for the first time today at the same house where we had many parties and sleepovers.  my first encounter with Moonshine aka the first time i got truly hammered, barfed and learned what a hangover felt like.  my first bad trip after smoking an entire joint to myself.  lying on her bed freaking out that i was going to die if i didn't lie absolutely still, concentrating on nothing but my breathing.  being spoon fed rice.  having my face plunged into a sink of cold water numerous times.  yes.  some really stupid teenage shit.

it was our first time back after 15 years.  as we drove up Taylor Way up towards British Properties, kevin and i were shocked at the thought of the many times us girls walked the boys all the way down to Park Royal to catch their bus home and then walk all the way back up.  a 2 hour excursion, every time.

we spent the afternoon on Hadden Drive.  the kids played well with one another.  it always seems to help when they are scattered in age.  Amara 4 going on 5, Moses going on 4, Jozy just turned 3, and Chloe kneed deep in 2.  they ran around the yard, watched Madagascar and jumped on the beds upstairs.  every corner of the house brought back memories.  highschool doesn't seem 15 years ago.  i have so many memories of being at this house, it was eerie to see it in such an empty state as it is going up for sale this summer.
 Pinkberry for dessert!
 this is too crazy for me to process
life just goes on.
if you are lucky, you will be able to reconnect with people who made such a warm impression on your heart and fall in love with them all over again.

what a special day


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