Joyeuses Pâques

easter toesies!
 a simple easter morning with poached eggs
a last minute nest of eggs from their easter hunt the previous day, Easter cookies from Ty next door and a few of these hilarious parachute bunnies i found at Superstore.

in between the weekend bustle, kev and i worked to purge and organize the house.  we did a good job and are making joint efforts to maintain a better household and a better example for the kids.  he's also been a saint, doing The Pauhaus taxes after midnight.  with the small window of time between brekkie and Dim Sum, we got ourselves and the kids ready while still trying to organize sections of the home.  of course, as usual, we were late. 
this Dim Sum was special.  it was the first time that chloe did not shy away from my Gong Gong.  as a matter of fact, she chose to sit between my my Gong Gong and my brother!  i could tell he was elated by this as he is accustomed to chloe reaching out for me.  they became best friends.   poured her hot water, gave her whatever food she pointed to, cut up her food and fed her the entire time.  it made me so happy to watch them together.
TWO desserts!  we ordered our usual black sesame balls but i guess for easters they were giving these cute little pink and purple rice balls with red bean filling in the purple and some mystery yellow (maybe mango) filling in the pink.  yummy gummy goodness!
we dropped by the mini Carnival at Lansdowne mall and i took momo on the helicopter ride
looking forward to Playland this year where it is mildly less of a rip off...

the end of our weekend was supposed to be over at Bronwen's for a Spring Version of her annual Vegan Thanksgiving.  i was beat, kevin's eye bags aren't getting any better, and the kids had their fill of outings for one weekend.  we opted out of the dinner and spent the evening together, just the gang of four.  
Easter Miracle right here
  Darwin's Walking Halibut with Rice and blackbeans and a fruity salad
 Do you like seafood?  SEE. FOOD.
 Mr Big & Miss Little
 and for dessert!  i picked up this special treat on our Vancity Adventure
 we are really tired
we rushed out to Diefenbaker.  i wanted to try to get ONE shot of the kids together for Easter for my sister, but nobody wanted to cooperate
not even close
 the only willing participant was this crazy looking bunny hiding in the flowers
 so just a few park photos instead of Momo in his Comme des Garçons shirt from my sister of course
the bear wearing momo's plaid shirt as "underwear" so her vag wouldn't be pressed into the cold rubber swing seat.  yup.  we forgot to put underwear on the potty trainee.  less laundry i guess...  
we got home.  showered.  and moses found the cat/dog snout from Andie's party
"meowing" with paws
and roaring like a tiger

thank god i have restrained myself from taking photos the past couple of days.  i would not have been able to keep up with the weekend posts!  

that's it!  now it's April, we'll be back to school tomorrow and another month of crazy.  things to come:

1.  my best friend from grade 10 moved to england.  she now has two little ones and she and the family will be arriving Thursday!  i will be able to meet them all for the first time!  i haven't seen her since probably 2005-6.  we'll be having a BBQ at her mom's in West Van saturday!  


3.  Belly photos with Katherine on Sunday!

4.  meeting SIR BABY CORBIN DANGER LIEVERS thursday night.  

5.  my mom's birthday on the 13th followed by

6.  sisters portrait of the lovely Coco Cinders and her little sis

7.  GOT CRAFT on April 27-28

and as usual, i have a few other projects up my sleeve...
stick around, it's going to be a good month!



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