Noms: Kale & Mint

just a mini noms update while i am editing...

kale and soy cheese grilled cheese

 we've been doing kale almost everyday for 2 weeks.  topping, mixing, pairing, and crunching all the way.  i don't know why it is so good but i can't get enough of that crispy texture with bitter saltiness.  kale and soy cheese grilled cheese
 strawberry, mint and agave popsicles
throw into the blender and poor into popsicle hold
 thumbprint animals.  pretty amazing for freehand cutting if i don't say so myself...
 lambmeatballs, spaghetti squash, greek salad
 followed by Jamie Oliver's pineapple dessert
the bashed sugar & mint was weird, so i just went with straight mint.  we used dairy free Coconut Bliss ice cream instead of Coconut Yogurt to accommodate chlo-chlo.  this is such a superb mix of flavours!  pineapple, mint, lime juice, & coconut
 tofu, bacon, pineapple, veggie stirfry/fried rice topped with black crispy crunchy kale
fried banana (cinnamon!), pineapple, Coconut Bliss, organic strawberries, mint

it's been a great week for dessert.  

mommy & me portrait session with KLF and Mrs KLF tomorrow afternoon
hopefully followed by a slightly less insane weekend
these days it feels like my weeks are my weekends and vice versa


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