Talking Bout My Generations

this weekend has been a crazy crazy blur.  we had a rainy friday on Granville Island with Renee.  i went to rent another lens for the weekend, and wanting to make the trip worth the time and gas, i decided to hit up my old school grounds for a quick visit before pick up.  

it was rainy and gross.  i took the kids into the school and into the bathroom i used to always use.  always the one with the big wooden post against the wall to read all the ridiculous graffiti.  it was weird being there with the kids.  
 we took refuge at the Market.  
we set up at the specialty tea corner for a warm drink and Renee treated us to some desserts! 
another babely mamma-to-be

spent hours getting the house clean for my mom's birthday on Saturday.  not only were we hosting dinner, but i would also be setting up to do some family portraits for mother's day.  
ready to rock
so.  the funny thing is that i wanted to do this for my mom and for my Lola.  i wanted them to have photos of us together: the four girls, the four generations.   i wanted them to have photos together as mother and daughter, with their granddaughter and great-granddaughter.  and of course, i wanted to have these for myself to remember this time in my life.  i wanted to have documentation, beautiful documentation that often goes amiss.  this is my job and my passion, this is what i strive to do for others.  i take hundreds of photos of the kids.  i take photos of them out and about or with kevin.  sometimes with myself if i really try, but for the most part, i'm the one behind the camera, not often in the photos... 
i totally choked when i opened these photos of me and chloe together.  i had not even planned to have a photo of the two of us together because, well, we are ALWAYS together.  i know why i take photos, but this really reminded me.  i don't get the opportunity to have my photo taken that is set up, where we are dressed up, where i feel good about myself and someone is very carefully and lovingly capturing a moment for me.  i am so happy i took the 30 seconds to pose with chloe, so happy i took the 3 seconds to ask kevin to take a few photos.  i'm so so happy to have these!!!  FOREVER!!!  
Violeta, Evangeline, Stephanie, Chloe
4 generations in one.  i have this photo now, forever.
i have my mom.  my lola.  and coco.
two of the strongest women i know.  i have this photo.  forever. 
my beautiful daughter and my ecstatic Lola, forever.
 do you have any idea how much i love this photo?  
you don't.  trust me you just don't.
focus is a little soft here, but look at that little pumpkin face and her chubby little arms
she is in love with my mom in more ways than i know.
 i had nothing for chloe to wear and my mom showed up with this adorable peasant dress.
they are bffs.  i often pretend like i don't know where chloe gets her appetite, but in truth, i know it's from me and i know i get mine from my mom.  the three of us love to eat! 
there are no words.  i am endlessly taking photos of my life and of others, and having all of these photos from this evening FOR ME is a huge gift.  i love this.  me and my mom.  me and this amazing woman who didn't murder me through my absolute worst.  who has never forsaken me over my terrible temper and snotty attitude.  who gives til it hurts and then keeps on giving.  i owe everything to her.  this tiny little lady that has loved me for 30 years without fail.  i can't wait to print these for her.
she still takes such good care of me 
kevin did a fantastic job.  i've been training him well.  this photo documents the impossible.

it took 10 years, until kev and i were married before my mom came around.  she hated him.  HATED HIM HATED HIM HATED HIM.  she would never even say his name, she would refer to him as "your friend".  that changed when we were married.  they began to foster a relationship.  the funny thing, is that since our wedding day, the tables turned and kevin has never addressed my mom.  he has neither addressed her as Mrs Chan, mom, or Angie.  that is until today!  as part photographer, he had to direct us and finally FINALLY addressed her as "MOM".  and here he is helping her up from sitting.  seriously, i never thought this day would come.

 my brother joined us for dinner.  he is in love with chlo.
he made dinner.  he made the cake.
my mom made a long wish
quinoa cake with strawberry centre and toasted coconut on top
birthday orchids and lillies to brighten her home from me and my sister 
 Underpants Momo
my mom bought moses a pack of new undies.  he went to bed tonight without wearing any because they were all in the laundry and he didn't want to wear any other of his undies.

my mom was so happy
i am so happy


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