The Name's Danger, Corbin Danger...

we headed our to Vancouver yesterday evening for a communal dinner with our wedding photographers Miranda and Reilly from Blue Olive.  nothing special, other than to meet their brand new little bundle of sweetness...  

Corbin Danger Lievers
check out their lovely newborn session Alana Couch

 Corbin hard at work 
 his lovely little loft space
there aren't really words for the joy i feel when i see that people have actually taken the time to display my illustrations.  it is an honour to be the surrounding art of a baby jail!  
loft life has been a breeze for the Reilly family.  
i'm not allowed to disclose the amount of sleep they actually have been getting...  
 look at this cheerful little peanut!!! 
attentive to the tiny animals screaming and climbing all over the furniture
 Reilly preparing the evening's dessert
my heart belongs to this guy
 for helping create this little one
and this crazy Gemini boy
 everyone deep in dessert
 why don't their mouths ever open this wide for salad?
the magic babysitter
yay!  photo of mom!  thanks Miranda!

it was a perfect visit, as usual.  every single visit with these guys is always the same.  from the first time we met at our wedding consultation to today, always the most down to earth and fun-loving couple you will meet.  hanging out with them reminds me over and over how true it is that your photographers should be the kind of people that you would want to be friends with.  

congratulations again on having the easiest birth to the easiest baby!!!  good things come to good people and Corbin could not have been blessed to a couple as kind, generous, and lovely as the both of you.  

can't wait for more dinners together as the kids grow like weeds before our very eyes!


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