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 chloe helped with Friday's set up.  
Pose 1: the weird uplifted elbow with munchkin face
Pose 2: the ghost
 KLF booked an early Mother's Day session with me after i posted my mother's day family portraits
i met her mama, Gracie, for the first time since we became acquaintances.  it is always an honour to meet the mother of one of your close friends who has been a big part of your life and truly inspires you.  the only tragedy in our friendship is that we didn't meet sooner.  she did not attend my wedding.
 Gracie brought along a mini album that she keeps with a bunch of her favourite photos of KLF
the last time KLF was over, she had a huge laugh over all my highschool and elementary photos.  thanks to Gracie, i was able to see what KLF was like in high school!  to my disappointment, she was just as amazing and creative as she is today.
we tried a few colour versions just for fun.  this one came out so perfectly.
really really happy with how this session went.
plus, she brought Lucky's doughnuts...

 my cousin Kit came to visit from Texas.  he treated the family out to Dim Sum at the usual location
this photo cracks me up because moses was totally putting on a show, not wanting to be in it, then only staring down at his shoes, and then FINALLY standing unimpressed so everyone could disperse.  totally reminded me of when me and my bro were young and he would pull stupid faces in Dim Sum parking lots.  year after year after year...  yes, even after his ritual of barfing up Har Gao into the soup bowl and covering it with a mountain of nasty napkins, he still had the energy to "ruin" photos.  
  sigh.  hundreds of photos of me and my brother with our auntie ping, just like this
super bffs
moses did not want to take my auntie ping's $20 bribe to smile for the camera, so chloe took it
 back at home.  chloe napped & moses sat down with the cookies my mom had wrapped up in napkins for the kids to enjoy.  he is just like kevin.  he loves to eat treats while watching TV.
 Caela arrived.  chloe could not fall asleep.  she sheepishly joined in the social festivities where she got to wear  some fancy glasses and have a manicure with new Hello Kitty nail polish.  these kids are spoiled rotten.    
 apparently Cae has been feeling jilted.  she has never had dinner with us and she wasn't leaving without it.  so she arrived with desserts and joined us for dinner!
 She brought these lovely Cornichons (I can't remember what they are called)
Vanilla, Pistachio & Raspberry
as well as a Gluten Free Chocolate Ganache cake
 i don't care if you can eat gluten all day long, this is hands down the best chocolate cake period.
chloe took forever finishing her dinner.  but after a few tantrums and the self-imposed torture of watching everyone eat the cornichons and their slice of chocolate heaven, she finally finally cleaned her dinner and went to town on desserts.  this photo is dope.  i took so many to get this, it was worth the wait!  kevin's face is equally priceless.

sunday, we drove over the Harris Nursery to pick up a few bags of gravel for the sandbox kevin made last summer.  moses loves to dig with trucks, and he has virtually killed a lot of the foliage in our planter box suite divider.  
we also picked up a few herbs to neglect and leave for dead
i want to come here more often.  i wish our patio didn't face north.  
i wish my thumbs weren't black as coal.
i spent 12 hours editing photos to send out for prints.  after our nursery excursion, kevin took the kids over to his parents' until about 2-3-4pm.. i don't remember.  he took care of them.  he made dinner.  he took care of them some more.  i was editing from 12:30 to 12:30.  i stopped for a few moments to do a revisit on momo's little neck mole.  i did a portrait of him last year or maybe it was two years ago now.  ugh how horrible, i already can't remember the past 4 years!  anyway, i wanted to do a few more "study" shots of him.  
tiny back fur 
with an ear
full upper body
 "...just one more..."
then he busted out these ridiculous poses LOL



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