well i guess this is an appropriate post for throwback thursday.  tuesday we had a reunion over here with Ange Koh and her family as well as Jenice and baby Zoey.  the three of us were inseperable in grade 10.  this was the first time we've all been together since 1999.  ugh.  old.

let's kick off this post with a few photos from that fateful year.

top to bottom
camp where they try to make everyone cry
downtown for dinner at MILESTONES!
at the airport saying goodbye to Koh, leaving for England
wouldn't see her until again 2005-6
7 years later, here we are, with 3 girls and two boys
moses went from being anti-social on the ipad to the ring leader of a BusyTown Mystery
i love Amara in her gold AA leggings and Jozy in his little man vest
girls in shades
fast forward 12 years.  or maybe just 8...
we all hit the patio and spent the afternoon eating with the kids including a little tea party.  the box of Anna's Cookies was demolished in about 8 minutes flat.

it was a total trip being altogether with our kids.  beyond surreal.  16 doesn't feel like half our life ago, but certainly enough has happened to allow much growth.  well, in most ways anyway.  somehow, our personalities and sense of humour all reconnected to make it feel like nothing had changed at all.  the mannerisms, the patterns of banter and all the things that pulled us together fell into place moment by moment, reminding me why we became such good friends in the first place.

i know i said the same thing about our visit with them in West Van, but this was really so special.  who would have known that this was how things would turn out, that we would meet like this again.  it is both comforting and scary to think how much more will change in the next 15 years.  oh god.  moses will be 19.  chloe will be 17-18.  where will i be?  who will be there?  and what crazy surprises are to come, what does the future hold?
will Zoey still be this crazy beautiful?  


single regret: not taking a photo of the three of us together as mom trash

kevin drove them to richmond to meet her mom who would be taking them to the airport back to Toronto.  looking forward to the next reunion.


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