towards the light

how does one learn discipline?  i need it.  how does one exercise self-control?  i'm out of control.  every night.  every night i swear to go to bed early.  shut it all down, block any enticing activities from my brain and just bury myself under the blankets.  it never works.  never.  just a little bit longer.  i promise, after i do this.  just one more edit.  just one more commercial.  just one more minute. just one more...

the bags and wrinkles under my eyes are setting up camp.  the right eye in particular.  i know they don't need to be there right now.  i know i could get rid of them if i would JUST GO TO SLEEP.  i don't think we slept until 2-3am on saturday night.  after eating all day with Koh and family, we arrived home at 7pm exhausted.  i edited photos and blogged the day and edited the photos for my MadMen inspired shoot to post the next morning.
i love these dresses.  mega vintage Value Village scores from back in the day.
jade did a marvelous job with my hair.  please excuse the looseness on the above photo.  she had coifed my hair into a perfect up-do at 1-2pm.  i didn't get around to taking photos until 11:30pm that night.  i did my best to keep it in its immaculate state, but being a mother does not allow for that.  it still looks absolutely fabulous in my mind.  i am pleased we scored some shots since both kev and i were completely depleted of energy.  plus i was feeling unattractive and he has just started to take photos with me for such occasions.    we didn't finish until 1am.  

sunday morning we were scheduled to do more belly photos with katherine before baby arrives.  i didn't realize that she was already due in 3 weeks!  thank god we scheduled when we did, otherwise she probably would have had her baby before we pinned a date.  click here if you missed the first batch.
i brought my light and my flash but ended up using nothing but natural light.  i love natural light.  it has the most life to it.  we had to play with a lot of angles and move around a lot, but they turned out great! more from this session to come!

anyway.  i had about 5 hours of sleep.  woke up, and remembered i had promised Cait to make a card for Rob next door for his birthday.  started making breakfast, posting the MadMen photos, packing for Katherine's and getting ourselves and the kids ready.  we arrived around lunch and didn't leave until about 4-5pm.  i wanted to sleep during the ride back home but kevin had to pick up his car in Tilbury.  the company that installed the window seals had effed up and the windshield was leaking water into the car!  they had just finished resealing.  home for dinner.  eventually put the kids to bed.  watched MadMen twice and just as i was going to go to bed, Kev was watching Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Little Will Smith.  we sat through 3 commercials before finally hitting PVR and agreeing to watch it the next day.  we are idiots.

i love being able to rent lenses from Beau, but i hate having to drive out to return them.  i made sure to take a handful of photos of the kids before we left to return them this morning.  
i don't think i could have captured their personalities any better here
this photo cracks me up.  my goon of a son and my little buttface daughter.
i love love love the natural light in my room.  i can't get enough of it.  it's so good it gives great light for both colour and black and white.  definitely can go either way with these two.
 the black and white is really classic i think i like it better between these two
 both boats afloat here
 mood lighting
 wish i could have caught the left faster but love the joy in her face on the right
the plus of potty training is how much i adore seeing her in underwear.  i love seeing her little butt scampering around the house.  she is currently wearing a pair of momo's spiderman briefs.  they are on backwards on purpose because she doesn't want spiderman on her butt, she wants him showing on the front.  so the little pee pocket is now a poop pocket. hahaha
 really glad i took the time to take these guys.  i've been wanting to do belly button photos of them together for the past week or two.  i love their difference in shape and design.  i'm a little sad i didn't do this earlier when chloe had more of her baby belly.  SOB!!!  her belly is shrinking!!!!
i like the flat comparison of the first shot, but this one is lovely.  i love her little fingers around his waist and how you can see the difference in their height and size.  super cute.

anyway.  really looking forward to getting them into bed so kev and i can watch the rest of The Karate Kid and HOPEFULLY get my ass into bed.  THESE EYES NEED TO HEAL.  


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