Boundary Bay to English Bluff

i love tsawwassen.
please don't come live here.
i want to keep it all to myself...

Kasie just had her fourth little heartbreaker, Luca this week.  we met up with her and a few friends after school at her place, and the lot of us walked down the street to the beach in Boundary Bay.  3 moms and 1 mama to be, 7 boys, 1 girl, and newborn Luca.  what a riot.
it was a perfect day for the beach.  warm with a nice breeze.
we were pretty much the only people there.  the kids ran far enough to be on their own, but stayed close enough to be within ear shot and watching distance.
 so stoked the kids are digging their matching summer fedoras
the mama of these three boys just had a breast reduction and flashed us her new 16 year old perkies.  i'm not going to lie, i was both impressed and jealous.  
chloe's boyfriend, Mateo.  however, she called him Potato this morning  
"we goin see Kasiieeee??? ....and Potatooeee????"
he's tiny but tough.  he's a wild one.  i can see the attraction.
i love william.  he is the sweetest boy i have met.  sensitive, kind and caring, he got up to help moses collect "firewood" even though he was obviously just wanting to sit beside his mama and baby Luca.
he was so sweet even when i was getting in his face with the camera.  
he was not into me taking his photo but he was still such a good sport and was so pleasant!

we did not have the opportunity to take photos of Kase and Luca.  rescheduling for another day out of the sun with softer light.  wish i had at least tried to take a few shots at the house before we left for the beach!  i held him.  i melted.  and my ovaries went into overdrive.

later that evening we headed to kev's nana & grandad's on the Bluff for dinner
the kids were blowing my mind tonight.  i don't know if there was some crazy great-grandparents magic happening but the kids were so well-behaved and were having very adult-like engaging dinner conversation.  
every few minutes, moses would compliment them on something he liked in their home. chloe was equally sweet and endearing, cheerful and pleasant.  they both ate no problem.  it was like they were from another planet.
we headed outside after dinner to enjoy the lovely sunset and their beautiful garden
so many many many kisses
 moses was helping to weed the garden but needed some guidance as to which plants were weeds
looking for humming birds
 i think they are happy
 we are so blessed
weird asian garden gnome
i love tsawwassen



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