nothing like fresh squeezed orange juice
 i missed the kids on video as they stood watching and yelling "DESTROY!" in unison everytime my sister pulled the lever down.
 this trip was so relaxing.  everyday i dreaded coming back, knowing full well all the work and sessions that awaited me.  it was nice to be taken care of and have just a few days to not worry about a thing.
 on the tram from the parkade to Disneyland!  
purchasing out tickets through the Mickey hole
 first pit stop for a giant cloud of cotton candy
 chloe was too afraid, moses was uninterested and the photo with me trying to make it work was a total disaster.  i have made peace with myself.  our first ride was the River Rafting one where you get really wet.  we lucked out big time as the ride had been closed temporarily and opened just as we were walking by.  it was momo's first real "big boy" ride and he did AMAZING!  a little scared but more than willing to line up to go again.
 next up: THE LITTLE MERMAID!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
 this ride was awesome.  it wasn't really a ride, it was more the entire story with animated characters but it was done so well and all the colours and sound were so vibrant and exciting and well, Bronwen, i couldn't stop thinking about you throughout the ride as i screamed and laughed like a little girl...
 both chloe and moses were super into this.  kevin took video of the whole ride.  i will upload some of the videos separately.  i don't know how to get through all these photos...
 EVERYTHING WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!   i was so surprised at how excited i got over everything.  i didn't think i would turn into a little child, but i really had a great time!
would have loved to have stayed for a few days and go on all the rides, but this trip was more for the kids to enjoy.  i need to come back.  i truly underestimated how much i was going to enjoy this.

  i'm really really happy
 Our second destination: CARS LAND!

 this ride was really fun.  i ended up by myself since both kids constantly wanted to be with my sister.
 swerving and spinning, laughing and trying to get video of the kids as they swung in and out of sight
 we arrived at the Cozy Cone just in time to take photos with Lightning McQueen!!!
  chloe was afraid again and Moses was being a total piece of shit to put it nicely
over to Flo's Cafe for lunch
pretty fun seating area outside by the gas tanks
  Moses re-energized but his cheesy noodles and side of peas
 Disneyland is the best.  the come up with everything.  they had a bunch of "fly girls" for lack of a better term, escort DJ out into the centre of Radiator Springs for a dance number.
after i showed Moses his horrible photo with Lightning, he was much better behaved when Mater showed up at the Cozy Cone for photos with everyone.  I LOVE THAT THEY HAVE ALL THE CARS COME TO LIFE.  we only saw these three, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had more of them come out.  they all have escorts as they drive through town, with one person using a remote control to steer and drive each vehicle.  SO COOL!!!!!

 we continued through Radiator Springs to the one MUST ride of the day
 kev, moses and i waited in line for 2 very long hours to go on this ride while chloe and my sister went on a bunch of rides in the Bug's Life area.  kevin also took video of this entire ride which was SUPER SUPER SUPER AWESOME!!!!  for any other CARS movie lovers out there, this ride is worth the wait.  they play through the movie, visiting all the characters before going on the big race to the finish line. 
 we left California Adventureland for Disney Disneyland.  our first stop was at the hat shop where we finally chose our souvenir hats.  ok i lie, i chose them while chloe picked out a dozen hats.  we should have bought more and now i'm kicking myself.
 i love how she picked the Dale hat, because out of the two chipmunks, she is totally the goofy one.  she also chose the Little Mermaid scarf at the Mermaid shop after the Mermaid ride.  i love her.
 the Partners
 the Castle
 It's a Small World
i took a million photos for my mom because this is her favourite ride.  i was and was not surprised by how they incoporated as many of their characters as possible into each Country.
 moses was dying to go on the train, so we waited in line and went around the park to Toon Town.  the last time i was at Disneyland, Toon Town was brand new and the place to be!  that no longer seems to be the case but there was still quite a lot of people in the area.
 we stopped for a dinnertime snack
 the kids learned to drive
YAY HATS!!!!!!
 seconds before they began choking each other in perfect cartoon style and were removed by kevin
 my handsome prince
 it is so good to be loved by these little raga muffins

it's amazing how fast the day goes and how little you are able to do in such a huge place.  it was getting late and we began making our way back around 8pm.  the kids had both walked the entire day.  we all took turns carrying them for a bit when they were tired, but there was no wheeling them around in strollers.  they did amazingly well.
 i don't know what the allure is about Cinderella.  chloe hasn't even watched more than a few minutes of Cinderella on very odd occasions at my in-laws, but she is always attracted to Cinderella the most out of all the princesses.

i can't tell you how excited and star-struck she was when she saw Cinderella in person in her beautiful ballgown.  she jumped and screamed excitedly in line to take photos, but the moment her turn came, she didn't crack a single smile.
she just stood and stared in awe with her little Mickey ears hovering over her head
Cinderella was so nice and patient.  she talked patiently and sweetly with Chloe, doing everything she could to try to get Chloe to smile.  she asked Chloe if her smile was playing hide and seek and i kid you not, the very next day, chloe was talking about her smile playing hide and seek.  i almost died.
 this was as close as we got to a smile from Chloe, but i think she was just mesmerized
"i can't believe this is happening.  please don't let this moment end"

both the kids passed the eff out so fast and so hard in the car.  
they went to bed without a flinch while the 4 adults did a round of tequila shots
very hard and verys smoky tequila shots

this wasn't enough.  i can't wait to go back.


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