getting back

in case you haven't seen it...  

omg becky...

let's get back on track.
the weekend.

other than being completely emotional and lethargic, it was a much needed break... from everything.  my Mama & Me sessions were supposed to be on saturday.  THANKFULLY the two clients that booked were more interested in capturing some 4 Generations Portraits and requested booking at a later dates, FREEING UP MY SATURDAY to bathe in my own irrational state of depressed self-pity.

and i have to say, it was marvelous.  just like old times in high school.
 kevin made these tacos.  they were super delish
pork, black beans, yams, kale & lots of salsa verde
 we spent a lot of time collapsing on one another.  
for whatever reason, we were both devoid of energy the entire weekend.  
hahaha my very own american apparel smut
 after 3-4 days putting our movie night on hold, we finally were able to watch the newest Batman (whatever it's called...) that kevin rented from the library.  god i love the library for free rentals.  do we look like a pair of saggy ballsacks or what!  poor kevin.  i am totally becoming my mother.  i don't understand nor hear anything that is going on and i ask 50 million questions throughout the movie.  going to a theatre would be such a waste of time and money...  this was perfect. 
having no other plans for saturday, i volunteered at the admissions desk for the opening day of Got Craft!  their original location at the Maritime Labour Centre ended up catching fire and they had about a week's time to search out a new venue.  Andrea and Rob have been so good to me over the past few years and it was my turn to return the favour.  i was happy to be able to help and it was awesome.  in my pre-children days, i would probably have loathed the idea of standing around all day collecting money and giving stamps and being friendly.  BORING!  but life with kids makes any day without any responsibilities to children a mini vacation!  i got to chat with friendly faces, check out the local goods and KLF came at the end of my shift to pick up her Mother's Day prints that had arrived.    

made a quick pitstop at the Langemann's residence to lend Taryn a few dresses for Ballet BC, then through Richmond to pick up the kids from their sleepover at my mom's and then over to my in-laws for family dinner.  i can't tell you how great it felt to have nothing pressing to prepare for or finish up.  i haven't had a window of freedom like this for quite a while so i was really soaking it up.
oh!  almost forgot to mention my booty from the day!  i scored free lunch from the friendly guys at the food trucks!  dude just came in and with a friendly smile, said "this is for you!".  after 3-4 hours of seeing everyone with food and smelling it as they walked by, this was like winning a mini lottery!
also was gifted a small collection of goods as a Thank You for volunteering.  normally, chocolate would have been the big WOOP! but i literally screamed outside as i walked to my car when i pulled out a three stack of washi tape!  I AM SO STOKED!!!!!!!!!!!

following that night's post of sobbing emotional regret, i spent the entire sunday recovering.  i didn't sleep until 3am and was wide awake at 7:30am.  no rest for the wicked...  my eyes were swollen and itchy the entire day, my chest was still aching and my muscles were seemingly injected with sloth blood.
we babysat Leila the entire day which turned out to be Leila babysitting MY kids the entire day, leaving me to wallow and recover.  she has this amazing effect on my children where they are calm and rational and play so well together!  Praise.  Saara and Leila stayed for a chill dinner together.  it was really such a nice weekend to just BE.  i didn't even really take photos.  i couldn't touch my camera.  it was all iPhone action.

this week has been a bit of a write-off.  i can't tell if i have developed a cold or if it's just allergies but i am so congested!!!!  so stuffed up that i can't breathe when i'm eating and i start panting LOL.  oh and i got my rag which is a high-5 but it also means gross discomfort.  i'm still feeling very lethargic and up and down with my moods.  today has been an improvement and i hope the clouds clear my head and the skies for this coming weekend's first of the 4 Generations sessions.

so glad i had a few days to be miserable before ramping up for more projects.



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