Momo's 4th Birthday Party

another birthday.  another party.  i had little plans for this year other than going to the park with a bunch of his friends from school, the regulars and others whom he has gotten to know better recently.  i don't know how we managed to cobble this party together but it wasn't half bad considering i didn't really start doing anything until 3 days prior...
before we start, may i please formally introduce you to little Nate MacGregor who finally arrived just in time to attend the party with his big brother Ty!  born May 16 at 10:06pm.
 my ovaries.  my poor poor ovaries. 
simple spread on these rad chevron table covers i scooped up from HomeSense for $5 each
cheese, crackers, fruits, veggies, hummus, guacamole
 we brought the Paboom house!  
Mike gave it to us after the Pop-Up shop came down and i have been looking forward to its rebuild for the birthday for the past 5 months.  thanks to Rob for helping me put up all the streamers as guests were arriving!  as usual i looked like a crazy person.  c'est la vie.  
all the kids had their turn walking through the billowing streamers throughout the day
i wish we had a backyard to have this set up all year round.  it would be so cool to cover it with blankets and make it into a little tent house.  the possibilities that come with this simple frame design are endless!
this year felt really special.  for the past 3 birthdays, it felt like it was more my friends with a few of his friends whom we would see regularly.  preschool has changed that dynamic now that he sees all these other kids his age every week.  they are more HIS friends than mine.  it felt so good to have so many new friends join the festivities! 
they all arrived one by one.  families of 1, 2, 3 and 4 little ones in tow including 3 super tiny ones!
Jade has mastered the art of naturally blocking her face from the camera.  hanging out with Cait looking beyond amazing 2-3 days after having baby Nate!
i love all these kids and the parents that created them.  these kids are all so unique and bring something completely different to the table when we have playdates.  it's crazy to imagine who they might be in another 12 years.  i remember hearing something about kids becoming who they will be for the rest of their life by a certain age, i think it was 4-7?  i don't know if i believe in that entirely, but i feel like i can see it in these photos.  dev and eve will still be cool and chill.  charlie will be sweet & imaginative.  
miles will still be daring and full of energy.  jer will be the fun loving guy that gets along with everyone he meets.  good people.  i can't help but wonder if they will remember these early days.  

Em & Eve meeting baby Luca
i loved this idea of doing active games/races this year.  it was cheap, colourful and easy!  by the time i managed to get to the Thrift Shops on friday afternoon for pillowcases, they were all closed.  i was dancing down the Dollarama aisle when i found two-pack pillowcases in fantastic colours and patterns for $2 each!  SCORE!  yes yes yes yes!
i overestimated the childrens' ability to line up patiently and wait for me to say GO!  they grappled for their favourite sack and just started hopping to the streamer house!  they had so much fun it didn't really matter, plus nobody felt like they didn't win.  ok that's a lie.  i had Oliver and Moses demonstrate for everyone, and clearly 7 year old Oliver beat the pants off of Moses.  he was a little disheartened and required some cheering up. 
huge smiles all around
i don't think i have ever laughed so hard in my life until i loaded the photos onto the computer and came across Devin's old man face.
 Good God, Gravity!!!!

next up was the Tug-O-War!  kev and i cut and tied foot long pieces from the abundant mass of fabrics stored in the kids' closet/craft closet.  as with the sack racing, i had hoped the kids would wait patiently on their side of the rope until i gave the go ahead to PULL!  this was a gong show.  every kid ran up to the colourful patterned rope and every kid pulled the rope in a different direction.  and before i could start to take the AMAZING photos i had hoped to capture, the rope broke in 3 places and i had to run to reattach them!  UGH!!!  being a party host and the party photographer IS NO EASY TASK!  wish i had stuck to the 50mm instead of the zoom lens but it was SO HARD to run everywhere to keep up with the pace and the energy of so many kids.
but as you can see...
... the kids had a blast anyway!

boys with one end
and the girls with the other end!
piece by piece, the 25 foot rope was divided into mini Tug-O-Wars all over the field
looks like this could be a great stress buster!
then there were the water balloons!  
holy crap does Peyton look ready to destroy!
the two rowdiest boys did not scare her off, she got right in there with them!  
and in about 20 seconds, they were all gone
again, i should have prepared better.  however, i am convinced that filling 500 balloons to satisfy 20 kids would be quite the task!  if anyone has tips on how to pre fill an assload of water balloons and keep them from exploding, please enlighten me!
the waterballoons created quite the frenzy.  we settled the kids down by sitting for presents!
EAST VAN CROSS on big brother Ty!
cupcakes followed the presents
another lovely batch of cupcakes from Lyndsay at Coco Cake!!!  i wish i had been able to take a better photo but people were leaving, the frosting was melting, and trying to hide a platter of cupcakes from 20 kids is a pretty risky thing business.  excuses excuses, i need more practice shooting in the sunlight.
knowing the mega cupcake was for him, moses kindly distributed  the tiny ones!
photo credit to Brock for this one!  
my stoked little birthday boy!
everyone had their share
kevin being chased by a mob of little people
i am going to Joe Fresh and i am going to buy one of these dresses for chloe
Nova & Daddy Rob

my husband and fun loving dad

tick tock tick tock... 
the guests cleared out.  some home for nap time while others headed to the waterpark or other long weekend BBQ get togethers.  Brock and Nicole stayed and helped us to take down and clean up the party and food
another bites the dust.  

another year, another party.

thanks to everyone who came and made this year a big one!  the best parties are the ones where all your loved ones come to celebrate with you.  that never changes!

to all those who didn't make it, there will be next year and there will definitely be some intimate one on one playdates together throughout the summer!



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