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bam bam bam
this is a drive by

a few sneaks from the Mama&Me session
i can't tell you how happy i am to have captured another 4 generations
this was really icing and cherries and chocolate sauce and sprinkles on the cake 
after an entire day spent holed up in the house, prepping and cleaning my brains out while everyone in Vancouver went to the beach, went bike riding, had drinks on the patio, had drinks in the park and basically soaked up the first hot day of the year...  i took the kids to Centennial monday and soaked up my own vitamin D.  it was a glorious day of sun, burning sand and warm water!
 saara was kind enough to return my lens for me since she was heading into vancity.  i took a break from the camera and stuck to the iphone.  i can't even begin to tell you how much i love having an iphone and how much i love instagram.  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
we had such a nice day.  packed lunch and a bottle of San Pellegrino.  the kids made chunky mounds for sandcastles.  i ran into a bunch of other mommies, all taking in the sunshine!

i made dinner.  tray bake organic chicken with vine tomatoes, a pile of rosemary fries, a garden salad and a cool decanter of strawberry-lemon-mint slush.  SO GOOD!  having used all the strawberries that kevin had hoped to use in a pie, we walked up to Thrifty's for more strawberries.
teen mom
look at my hair.  look at how long and lovely it is.
the kids fell asleep before the pie was done.  kev and i had another mini date night with a slice of gluten free strawberry rhubarb pie and watched the new Bond Skyfall from last year.  
and this morning, this is what i found in chloe's lower bunk when i finally woke up at 9:30am.  the monsters had devoured the entire pie save the two slices we had the night before.  kevin would be livid.  these children do no yet realize that pie is their father's favourite of favourites.  he can not go and pick up a $6 dollar pie from the grocery store.  the only place they sell gluten free pies is from Whole Foods in Van.  he made it all from scratch!  it wasn't ready until 11pm!  the pie didn't last 12 hours!  
these are momo's fireworks.  they are so adorable it makes me sick.
they totally look like colourful pastel anuses to me because i am a ten year old boy.

we headed out to van to visit my niece baby Melanie!  she just turned 3 months!!!!
 count the rolls if you can.  i ate them all.
i love holding babies and rocking them to sleep.  it makes me feel like i am a real mom.

on the way back home, i made a pitstop at Thrifty's for another pack of strawberries, two rhubarb stalks and a lemon for another pie.  kevin had made enough dough for two pies and the other half was rolled and waiting in the fridge.  i was so stoked when i went to Joy the Baker's site in search of a strawberry pie recipe and found the PERFECT recipe: Gluten-Free Strawberry Ginger Pie!!!!!!!  i had everything for the filling and mixed it all together.  i decided to not make the pie since i have never made one before.  i figured, ok i made the filling, he could do the crust.  he would be happy.
indian tray bake organic chicken with the other two titties i bought yesterday.  also decided to try making Mango Lassi.  this is a great recipe from  i didn't have enough mangoes so i subbed with frozen strawberries.  actually i didn't have any of the yogurt.  we had about 2 tablespoons of frozen yogurt so i threw that in with almond milk.  it was pretty damn tasty!!!  really liked the ginger and the cardamom flavours.  new favourite drink!
and the pie was BOMB.  make this filling.  gluten free crust or regular, the filling is so good!
crazy evening.  last minute commission for mother's day and testing out design for Johnny Tomorrow buttons!  Johnny Tomorrow himself will be gracing our home with his presence and will be helping to pop a bunch of these out for his show this weekend!!!

and tomorrow is another day



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