i can't tell you how much i hate having to drive back and forth to rent lenses right now.  it is a royal pain in the butt.  also, kevin has requested that i cut out any vancity travels outside of rentals if possible because the gas bills have been racking up lately.

the good thing is that i am forced to really get my money and time's worth over the weekend.

my faves of the faves of the faves.  i took a kabillion photos.
going to eat pie and watch a movie with the hub...

testing for mama&me/4generations session
godam handsom
dressed to impress.  Ethan's Pirate Party
 hurricane jane
 a mouthful of chicklets
 my crew
i'm going to be taking a lot of hair photos in the next couple of months...
 bffs 4 lyfe
my brown eyed girl

le fin


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