Renée's Baby Shower

i feel like i'm all over the place these days!  these last handful of posts have been irregular and for that i apologize.   i know many of you look forward to your 2am breastfeeding read or just trying to wake up read.  

i'm going to be honest.  i hate may.  i used to love it back when the only things going on were Mother's Day and Victoria Day long weekend.  May was EASY!  may is now crazytown.

1. Ethan's Birthday
2.  Hanna's Birthday
both which often coincide with
3. Mother's Day
4. Victoria Day long weekend which i often have to plan around for
5. Momo's Birthday
which is when we head south to visit my sister in Cali.

4 more babies are being born this month.  Luca (Kasie) and Marilyn Rose (Katherine) have arrived and mystery babies from Molly and Cait are coming any second.  Cait is currently in the hospital set to have her baby today!  Ahhhhh!!!!  

so may is really going to be abominably insane next year!  it will be the big 5 for momo, ethan and hanna and the big 1 for the babies born this year.  holy shit balls.

blah blah blah

and next on the baby list is Baby Houston in july!  
it is hard to believe that it's only two more months until this long awaited baby arrives.  it doesn't seem that long ago that i was in the thick of being pregnant and having lovely baby showers thrown for me while everyone else was in awe of my mega boobs belly.
chloe had the crazy dia de los muertos baby shower and god how i wish i had taken photos of momo's because it was truly so lovely and had so much work put into it!   
it's been a long wait.  but she's finally knocked up and she's almost there!!!!!
this belly is going to get so much bigger!!!!
i brought the kids.  
moses was moany and had a fit when coreena drew a blue scarf on the portrait of his caterpillar.  
irreparable damage to this defiant butthole.
chit chat and snacking with some rad ladies
big hugs to coreena who had to peace early
onto the pressies!
teeny tiny EVERYTHING
i simply adore this photo
great things come in tiny packages...
PATCHES!!!!!  for baby Houston's denim vest!!!
chloe's "fox!" announcement hushed the room when we all thought she dropped an f-bomb
this is pretty effing special
chloe's nail polish was "broken"
erica and shmoo's ovaries went straight to work giving the kids mani pedis
they even received mandatory drying time
a lovely variety of swag for mama and baby!
kitty cat Naboo
group photo with all the ladies!

love you renée


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