Tutu Crew

i'm so happy for today.  we had another visit from Tera & Kat, our friends from North Van.  they have family out here in Tsawwassen which works in our favour, but we really gotta get our butts up that mountain to visit them in their hood.  they were unable to make it to Chloe's birthday and will no longer be able to come for momo's party on sunday.  they arrived with two birthday bags, each with a very special gift, handmade by Tera.
i wish i had known that they were opening them so soon or that i had told them to wait because momo's reaction melted me into the ground.  he pulled the gigantic poof of blue and green tulle from the bag and immediately fell backwards onto the couch, squeezing it in his arms with one of the biggest smiles i have ever seen.  he was thrilled.  a special tutu just for him in a such perfectly chosen colours.
chloe was also super excited, but not quite the same level as momo.  i love the smoky mix of fuschia and purple that Tera chose for chloe's tutu.  i've decided that for my 30th birthday this year, i am going to make one of these mega poofy tutus for myself.  
tutus of a kind
the morning was drizzly and grey but by the time we arrived this afternoon, the sand was dry and warm
this girl has balls.  she climbed all the way up to the pinnacle of the tower and back down again a handful of times with no problem. 
IN LOVE WITH THIS TUTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 we ran into our friend Bow, one of the regulars at Franc Départ.  i love this little boy.  he is sweet and sensitive like momo.  i think that is why he and chloe get along.  
 handsome little guy
 and we spent about 15 minutes here at the water fountain
total goof.  kat thought it was hilarious whenever the water pressure went up and shot her in the face
i love these kids
they are so ridiculous

thank you Tera for coming out once again to visit us from your mountain home.  playdates with you guys are always so much fun and so easy.  thank you a hundred times over for all the work and time you put into making these stunning tutus for my little ones, these are so special and i know they are going to love these for a long time.  love you guys xoxoxoxoxox


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