Welcome to Cali 2013

we made it.  this year we made it and made it on time.  we went to school wednesday and i did my very best to clean the home and pack for the rest of the day.  my brother treated us to Pho for momo's birthday which was lovely since messing up the kitchen was the last thing i wanted to do.  i had hoped to get to bed for 10pm.  FAT CHANCE.  i was in bed just after midnight only to wake up at 2am.  we left the house at 3am, both kids fully awake with excitement.  we arrived at the airport at 330am, parked and huffed and puffed to Bag Drop Off by 345am.  nightmare avoided.  we would make our flight.

thank god the flight is only 2.5 hours.  by the time we were on the plane, i was ready to drown in some z's.  i had also hoped the kids would be out of sorts and ready to nod off.  instead, everytime i tried to sleep, chloe would grab my face and yell at me to WAKE UP MOMMY!!!!  i felt like barfing.  they both took a power nap of 30 minutes each at different times.
my sister met us at the baggage pick up and squeezed the kids.  finally.  they had arrived!  we piled into the car and headed to ATXbyKitchen for brekkie.
 i love this place.  i love how open and spacious it is, the simple modern design and furnishing, how moses gets to watch 5 trains go by while eating their incredible Buttermilk Griddle Pancakes made by Mexican Jésus Himself.  thin and crispy with warm fluffy insides served with vermont maple syrup and blueberry compote.  a perfect start to my little guy's 4th birthday!
my little guy. 
 zero to sixty in half a second
my other wild child.  to think she was going to be the wallflower...
Parmesan Grits with Poached Egg and Grilled Asparagus
Antioxident Oatmeal sweetened with Vanilla-Blueberry Compote
ATX Potatoes
we headed to our weekend home for a quick rest and to unload our luggage.  my poster looks fantastic in a frame if i don't say so myself.  the kids went through trying on all the spoils from their auntie.
here we see moses watching his first episode of My Little Pony.  by the time we left, he had watched the entire season aka 26 episodes and we all had the damn intro song in our heads.

Moses opted out of the mani-pedi.  i was disappointed but it was nice to just have a girl day with my two favourite ladies!  and the adult:child ratio was much more manageable with one kid!  chloe enjoyed her very first mani-pedi and i enjoyed my first pedicure in a year!  WELL DESERVED!

little flowers on her thumbs.  having a big stretch after a great job sitting patiently
what a life...
we returned just before dinner and enjoyed the the sunshine in the backyard.  what i wouldn't give for a backyard to grow our own kale, lettuce, spinach, herbs and to be able to grab lemons off the tree at any given time.  
Matty and Pumpkin
bubble gun
we picked up a variety of cupcakes after our mani-pedis for momo's birthday
i hope all your dreams and wishes come true
sigh.  i can't believe this is his 4th birthday here in cali. 
the first day.

next stop: Disneyland


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