Beach, Pho & Bubbletea

 summer is coming
 these eyes cry every night for you
 the joy of avocados
 nice to naughty in seconds

 i have to remind myself that these days are the best days.  i have to remind myself that i am going to miss these days where i have them both to myself all day long.  i have all day to watch them, be amazed by them and love them.  it is no question that they are a challenge, but they are always going to be a challenge.  now is still a very precious time.  i know i am going to look back on these photos, as i do with my photos from last year and the year before, and feel my heart ache and my body seize up with longing for these moments.  i love these beach days.  i am so happy that i am able to work from home and have a flexible schedule that allows me to take pleasure with my little loves.

we returned home, baked and drained from the lovely sunshine.  we enjoyed the cool shade at home for the afternoon until kevin arrived home from work.  our evening was to be spent with my brother, my cousin, and friend Ada.  it's been a while since we have seen Ada so we made plans to have dinner together at Pho An Nam.
the asians come together to take photos with their phones hahahahaha
seriously.  it was nice to know i'm not the only one hooked on my phone
 the bronto joined us
the kevin special
 slurping back 3 bowls of pho
and inhaling as much of kevin's rainbow beans and jelly dessert as fast as possible

 thank you kevin for taking photos of the asians
 i love my crazy family
 the evening took a turn.  normally, we would have just headed home after dinner but Bubble Queen had come up during dinner and it was decided that we would all stay out past our old people outing time to try out this popular Bubble Tea and Dessert house.
 yes.  yes, those are boxes and boxes of chocolate bars for their special dessert bubble tea drinks
check out the chocolate dessert options!!!
Ferrero Rocher.  he drank 75% of it.  i drank the other 25%.
i didn't think these were going to taste very good, but getting small chunks of Ferrero Rocher alongside the smooth chocolatey drink was like repeated heavenly punches to the face.
we got mango mochis in our mango chunk Bubble Tea.  lauren had the coconut jelly. 
 the mango was chloe's favourite.  she put her back into vaccuuming as much as possible before cracking the lid and spooning out all the mega chunks of mango and mochi
 ok, you know when you go to Night Market and they have those egg puff waffle things?  well, these ones were made with oreos inside every puff.  i can't describe what these taste like but they are awfully addictive with their curiously chewy texture and mix of savoury and sweet flavours.
 this guy is still pretty darn cute
 all these peace photos crack me up
chloe was downing this tower of mango and mochi at top speed
 after each attempt to get the last drop
 the eyes on her gooey moustached face would glaze over with joy
 and she would roar for more
 do you know she loves wearing her jackets backwards?

the kids both took gigantic dumps in the washroom.  terrifying dumps.  i was not a witness but kevin looked pretty devastated when he emerged from the restroom with both kids.  the rest of us waddled all the way back to our vehicles, stomaches bursting from an evening of shameless gluttony.
the sky was beautiful as we returned home

i loved spending time with my family.
thank you ada for arranging this get together, it was so lovely to see you
 hope you and your mom have enough photos to satisfy your mo&co needs hahaha


tomorrow is friday!!!!
or i guess technically today is friday!!!!



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