Cali Day 3: Hammock Chilling

 i wanna eat this face
 our cali visits consist of a lot of time in the hammocks
 we were invited over to Cosette & Paul's for a lovely lunch at their lovely home, also complete with two hammocks they acquired on their Honeymoon in Costa Rica
 she had an amazing spread including these Pinterest zucchinis!  everything was delish!
the kids kept busy swaying and swinging in the hammocks
 no lunch complete without dessert, Cozy's neighbour made these gigantic macaroons and she herself made these AMAZING gluten-free zucchini chocolate brownies.  i'll pass on the recipe for these brownies because they were sooooo sooo good!
 i think moses had three macaroons
 apple ginger beers in the sun with the little ones
 sweet chloe with little Luke!
The Griders
Luke's friendly modern nursery!
 i miss these times...  i miss these milestones that seem SO paramount

 long gone are the days of our scandalous outfits, high heels, red lips and nights of drinking and dancing in downtown LA.  now we are mamas.  loose tops and comfy shoes.  beers in the backyard and mostly combed hair.
 thank you guys again for having us and hosting such a lovely afternoon!  you are a doll,  Paul is hilarious and it was such a treat to finally meet little Luke in person!!!  can't wait to see you guys again!
 back at the homestead, i enjoyed my own quiet time in the lower hammock
 the dude i have a crush on
 we attempted to try Glow in the Dark bubbles in the bubble gun.  not dark enough to see them floating, but once they landed on the ground, furniture and clothes, the drops immediately began to glow!
one more night left and dreading it...


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