Chill Life Moments

i know i could have gone without a post tonight, but i feel like i haven't posted photos of normal life in a while.  here are a few quiet moments among the chaos of life as of late.
 chloe loves cinnamon hearts.  she received a handful for letting me braid her hair
her first single french braid
 i try my best to keep mondays as chill days since the weekends are usually crazy.  i try to say "NO" less and be softer on the rules.  chloe spotted their Mickey hats that i keep well out of reach, and i sat down with them to show them the original Mickey Mouse Club theme song.  seeing a bunch of bright coloured Minnie Mouse cartoons on the right side of the YouTube screen, they eagerly asked to watch them.  i said yes.  then i went to make breakfast in peace.  
 normally, chloe's naptime is momo's ipad time.  my cousin charlene bought this tiny ukelele for moses and he has been super attached to it.  he loves it and plays it everyday.  during monday's quiet time, he brought his pillow, his blanket, his stuffed letter "M", my old childhood caterpillar which has become his favourite stuffie (he named it Icecream!) and laid on the couch to play the ukelele.
 i am wondering if it is just a novelty or if he might be genuinely interested in playing...
 i brought out some Addition/Subtraction flashcards i picked up a few weeks ago and we spent 15-20 minutes going through the cards and working through them visually with his coloured block shapes
 i'm loving the warm summer evenings.  evening strolls have made their way back into our daily routine
chloe can not stop telling kevin that she loves him.  it's disgusting.
today we had the pleasure of hanging with Em and her little ones in Ladner
Chloe and Eve had a riot on the swings yelling gibberish words and squealing with laughter
 these girls are two peas in a pod
 while waiting for Em, i chatted up another new mama that was at the park with her little one Brixton.  he was wearing the tiniest pair of checkered Vans, how could i not?!  of course, it just so happens that she was also waiting there for Em to arrive as well!  we played and snacked and chatted until it was time to walk Devin to preschool.  the kids loaded up into Em's stroller and we took off.
after dropping off Devin we checked out a new cafe Stir Coffee House
ICE ICE BABY!  just what we needed!
special ice teas with just a teaspoon of agave for sweetness.  i got the crimsonberry tea and em got the peach and green tea.  they were lovely!  real tea without the super syrupy sugar rush.
 the kids had muffins that were also delicious.  moses pounded his back in about 90 seconds.  chloe picked out the raisins from hers and eve ate the top half of her blueberry muffie.
these girls are too much together.  it's too easy to imagine them grown up.
LOOK AT THE SWEET DROOL TRAIN ON THIS LITTLE MONKEY!  i can't get over how cool his name is.  OBVIOUSLY because Guns of Brixton (both by The Clash and the cover by Nouvelle Vague) is such a killer song.  it turns out Carlyn and the barista are both fans of my illustrations and have both purchased one of my Fairytale prints!  everything Carlyn pulled out of her bag throughout the day was something beautiful or creative that i wished were mine, it is no wonder Emily knew we would hit it off.  yay!  love making new friends!
cascade of curls

and now
i am going to go
sit down with my husband
and watch MADMEN 

(while sketching ideas for a button commission...)



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