End of the Year Ice Cream Social!

WE DID IT!!!!  

we made it through our first year of pre-school and what an exciting school year it has been!  the friends we have made and the piles of paintings and drawings and crafts have filled my heart to full capacity.  looking forward to 2 months of not having to wake up early and make snacks!  i had full intention of having this posted last night so that tonight's post could be saved for last night's graduation concert, but well, mom life...

thursday was the last day for the wednesday/thursday class kids.  jess (winner of the Reader's Choice mini family session with The Pauhaus) had her daughter enrolled in wed/thurs with moses and decided to host an end of the year party for the wednesday class kids.  a lucky thing we didn't have it on thursday because IT RAINED LIKE CRAZY!!!!   

with an ex-landscaper for a husband, their backyard was transformed into a two level grassy haven for kids and parents alike.  here are a few snaps from the awesome Ice Cream Social end of year wrap up!
Darcy & Kennedy looking badass in black and white
Jess had a bin of water balloons topped with shaving cream!!!
a total riot for the brave souls not afraid of water (aka NOT my children)
best idea ever and makes for some pretty fun photos!
  i would have never thought to use shaving cream but i guess it's a dairy free alternative to whipping cream (although i doubt that was the intention)
poor chloe.  really not stoked on getting splashed.  i got her dressed in dry cozy clothes and she was good as new.  sigh.  such a good feeling to wrap up in a soft sweater after playing in the water!
craft table with paints and sparkles for tiny birdhouses
after everyone had their share of sushi, veggies, fruits, crackers and the usual party spread, Jess rolled out her DIY Ice Cream Social spread!!!!  Regular and Soy ice cream for all tummies! 
the kids lined up (shockingly without tears, screams, fighting) and made their custom requests to Jess
the Pineda boys
Sophia.  going to play with this one later to really bring out her mega blues...
Amaya the goofy ice cream monster
and her new little bebe sis Clara
Monsieur Moustache
little Jackson at home in the pool

the moms huddled on their blankets and turned a blind eye to the kids crowding the unprotected table of treats.  they also made off to the playset with a gigantic bag of chocolate chip cookies which the moms also shrugged over.  what's a few more handfuls of sugar anyway...  at least they are running around and will have hopefully all gone to bed early.
love this shot.  our host Peyton is the epitome of 80's beach bum.  wish i had caught it just a hair lower in terms of composition but i love how her wispy flying curls take focus with her seemingly free-spirit-i-don't-give-a-... expression in her face and in her left hand that's only loosely wrapped around the swing chain.

a lovely afternoon.  
probably going to just show up at jess' house all summer now...


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