Family Times

today was a day of family.  it was my uncle's 65th birthday and his family arranged for a surprise picnic party at Queen Elizabeth park.  exhausted, i packed up the camera, and drove out with the kids while kevin detoured into richmond for a quick routine clean at the dentist.  i didn't sleep until 3am.  the kids were up and bouncing at 8:30am.  on saturdays like these, i can't help but remember being a kid back at home and getting in so much shit from my mom for ruining her saturday morning sleep in time.  these kids fight, scream, and jump in and on us while we are in bed desperately trying to rest.  karma.  it is very very real and it really really sucks.
 we arrived early.  a truly amazing feat.
my uncle was super surprised!!!  he had fought with my aunt all morning to stay home because it looked like it was going to rain.  they arrived just after my mom and lola had arrived and my uncle thought nothing of it, figuring it was a lucky coincidence.  my aunt acted surprised to see my mom, and my mom (GOD HOW I WISHED I HAD BEEN A WITNESS!!!!) told my uncle straight faced that she was here with some friends.  MY MOM DOES NOT LIE.  
 my Lola losing her shit.  one day i will be 80 and losing my shit.  chloe will document it.
 i wish i could remember the exact conversation because it was so ridiculously insane
 my cousin Nat went picking buttercups to make a head wreath
i don't know why i was so stressed out about bringing food to a Filipino gathering when there was tonnes of food for everyone, including a mini hibachi and this bacon potato salad
 my auntie marcy's super delish noodle salad
 my cousin char made a summery quinoa salad with peas, strawberries and shrimp
and BBQ some salmon and veggie skewers
oh and to really go all out, they ordered a roasted pig, or a lechon for those in the know
my bff cousin lauren arrived with a box of Lucky's Doughnuts which i immediately grabbed
Peanut Butter and Jelly, Chocolate, RHUBARB CRUMBLE FIRTTERS, Salted Caramel
lauren and Mandrew catching up on all the food
 Nat making crazy faces with the kids
Daddy arrived with clean teeth!
 just in time to sing Happy Birthday
chloe helped to blow out the candles
 this amazing card made by my cousin Chris (son of the birthday boy)
this photo is about 30 years old.  hilarious.  totally hilarious.
 we continue to gorge ourselves
and experiment
PBJ Doughnut with Lechon or PBJ Doughnut Chocolate Doughnut Tower
pretty sure i win that round and that my bro is an IDIOT
 promise to write letters everyday after school
two mamas & a crazy banana girl
dudes in plaid
away in the grass, Nat is spending quality time with chloe 
 stringing tiny daisies together
 for a daisy chain crown
 and then dying behind her crazy cat claws
 head explosion.  is this seriously my daughter?  did she actually come from my body?  i actually birthed her out of my vagina?  how is this possible?  WHO IS SHE?
 char and carl and bubbly momo
good times in the park playing badminton
dancing jigs
 fishing in the dirty pond
  and totally loving the bubble gun well into his 30's
 we were surrounded by buttercups.  thank you kevin for these photos.
 jimbo getting in on the action with his signature IDIOT face
 i will not be able to throw her in the air much longer
 love love love love
  gonna eat this face
spinning around to a stop
now you can see what all the fuss was about.
love this photo.  this is a PRINT worthy shot fo sho

we got home late.  chloe passed out in the car while moses and i clapped and jived to one of kevin's rockabilly mixed cd's.  we rested for an hour before jumping back in the car for saturday night dinner at my in-laws.  the kids had a ball tonight.  i love these summer evenings that last forever.  
 what colour is your hair anyway, chloe?
and the three little pigs begins
 making a run to escape the big bad wolf
 who happens to be her dad and who has just scared the crap out of moses hahaha
glorious.  glorious. 
after dinner, they were back out again, but this time taking turns on the dune buggy
 i hope they remember how much fun they had together during these early years
 double ending HA!

have you counted how many photos are in this blog?

we came home.  i sat down for 20 minutes and headed back out again for a 9pm session.  thank goodness it was local.  you will have to wait for THAT another day...

it's 1:57am and it is time for me to peace the eff out

today was a very fun and fulfilling day with family
how lucky my kids are to be part of such great histories


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